Louisiana Lot Lizards - Volume 1: Ever Since the Storm

Band - Louisiana Lot Lizards

Album/EP - Volume 1: Ever Since the Storm

Genre - Metal

Label - N/A

Location - Indiana

FFO - Gwen Stacy, Every Time I Die, The Dillinger Escape Plan

    “Volume 1: Ever Since the Storm” is a five track EP from Louisiana Lot Lizards out of Indiana. The EP opens up with “In The Event That Everything Is Taken,” a drum heavy track that has remnants of Indy hardcore mixed with progressive guitar tones. it doesn’t really fit into more distinct genre because I heart tribute to different eras of metal. I definitely appreciate this EP more on stereo speakers as opposed to headphones. it feels more open and fitting for the theme as well as genre. What stands out the most to me is the vocals. They feel very full of emotion, or should I say aggression? For example, on '“Tess” the vocals really were the shining element to me.  The entire EP really does feel like a product of Indy’s metal/hardcore scene circa mid-2000s with higher vocals, filthy guitar, and breakdowns. I really hear this embodiment on “Redundancy, Redundancy.” I can almost see the sweaty, hardcore house shows venues in my head when I heard this track. This is actually a compliment.

    The tracks flowed pretty well together and they never felt out of place. To my ears, it felt like the tracks were building up to each other with the heaviest being “When It All Went Black” being right in the middle.  This EP has enough brutuality to be replayed a few times. It is aggressive and layered enough to make you want to give it another listen to catch and appreciate all those sounds. Oddly enough, “When it All went Black” was my least favorite track. Musically, I was all for it. The intro had a black metal Mayhem feel, which I very much appreciated. The guitar is what really stuck out to me and I just think it deserved a little more focus. I do feel that this particular track might even grow on me a bit. The last track, “Tess,” is probably my favorite. The guitar and the drums really work well together here in synergy and it has a little more structure than the other tracks. I think it does a great job of closing out the EP on a high note.

    All in all, these guys should definitely be on your radar of local bands that are taking musical risks. I’m going to be honest, they have a pretty different sound than what I am hear coming from other bands. It is fresh to see some new names challenging the definition of metal.

Star Rating - 8.5 out of 10

Strongest Song - “Redundancy, Redundancy”


Vol. I: Ever Since the Storm - EP by Louisiana Lot Lizardshttps://itunes.apple.com/us/album/vol-i-ever-since-the-storm-ep/1443024999

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