Mære - I

Band: Mære


Genre: Death Metal

Label: Lavadome Productions

Location: Germany

FFO: Ulcerate, Phobocosm, Altars

‘I’ is a dark and mysterious experience, only drawing you in further as each song goes on. I really like how the instrumentals are mixed. Drums could be louder, or perhaps more clear, but the way the guitars swarm around you is a plus to the experience. There’s times when the vocals give me a black metal vibe when they are higher pitched. I enjoy the lower growls but they are difficult to interpret and distinguish. 

Mære introduces this 26 minute EP with very atmospheric noises that make you feel like you’re slowly drifting off in the deep, deep universe. Every so often you can hear what sounds like quick breaths, like someone is trying to tell you something. Until the end all you can hear is very light, echoing whispers. You want to reach out and grab a word or two but you can’t. Just when all your attention is focussed in, the second song ‘I, Devouring’ kicks in and disrupts your concentration. Sticking with the space theme, it feels like that “slow drift” was interrupted by being sucked into a black hole. This song and the two following it have similar endings. All 3 fade out, which is completely fine, but they fade out too quickly. A guitar will be ringing out then get cut off pretty quickly. It’s not something to cry about, but it is noticeable and something that I caught. This makes the transitions a little less smooth. Speaking of song similarities, all songs begin with “I”. This could just be the theme of the EP, going off the name. Or it could involve the lyrics as well. Either way, I can’t say it’s the most original thing, but once again, not something that will ruin the experience of the music. ‘I Ascend’ is the wildest song on here. The opening riffs and drum beats are all over the place, yet feel like they are right where they should be. An organized chaos. This song keeps up that chaos throughout. ‘I Am’ begins the opposite though. Much more calm until you realize the drums are coming in as a build up. Before you know it, they suck you back into the abyss. The EP has a great send off of pounding open chords and deathly screams. 

This EP goes by quickly due to being engulfed in the madness. It is easy to lose track of time and forget what you were even doing in the first place. It’s not for the turn on and walk away type of music listeners. You’re going to want to sit down and lose yourself in it. Relax, and let the sound take hold. Although the vocals are difficult to understand, they are the type of vocals that work like just another instrument. Which is probably my favorite characteristic about this EP - everything goes works together very well. One of the few things holding it back is, as usual for a new band, the production. Better production on this thing would send it even higher. It should, however, give you something to look forward to.

Mære has a great start to their future in this band. The fusion of death metal and a touch of drone/doom, is put together very well. They keep things interesting in a genre that has exhausted many ideas. Between atmospheric drawn out fuzz, and speedy riffs, they combine two different ways of going about death metal in a clever way. I hope to see a full LP in the near future. 

Rating: 8/10

Strongest Song: I Ascend

Bandcamp: https://lavadome.bandcamp.com/album/i


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