Majestica - Above the Sky

Band: Majestica

Album/EP: Above the Sky

Genre: Power metal/ melodic metal/ symphonic metal

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Location: Sweden

FFO: KAMELOT, Helloween, Dragonforce

Majestica sounds exactly as their name implies, majestic. The title track “Above the Sky” kicks off the album and instantly, right off the bat, the sound could fill a mountain with its epicness. Majestica brings speed, power, and strong vocals to this album and what carves out their own place in metal. 2019 has seen a lot of grimey, gritty death metal releases and Above the Sky flies on a more positive note.

Above the Sky feels like the soundtrack to a fantasy adventure movie. There is definitely an influence from movie scores and orchestras. This inspiration brings a much different sound to power and melodic metal. I honestly wasn’t expecting this when I turned it on. You can almost feel this world of sound being created throughout the tracks. Majestica makes you feel like you are truly floating on silver water through an ethereal world. Because of this element, Above the Sky has a truly natural flow that mixes in some proggy transitions.

There are many adventurous, fantasy lyrics throughout that really fit the theme around the album. They keep their tracks really connected and nestled together. There aren’t too many melodic/symphonic releases this summer so Above the Sky really stands out against competition. It is different, and it is something fresh for the season. You really have to commend these guys for putting out a clean vocal album with such an epic feel because I do think it is against the grain right now. Majestica isn’t going to be for everyone, symphonic metal is underappreciated right now. These guys have really stepped out and made an album that catches ears with an individual sound. “Night Call Girl” was a track that really grabbed my attention both lyrically and musically. It had that more traditional ‘80s power metal feel, but also a very contemporary vibe.

I personally think that the metal sub genres make the best album masterpieces because they have such distinct cultures and elements behind them. Above the Sky is very different from what other metal bands are putting out and I really think that it stands out in that light.

Star Rating: 9.5/10

Strongest Song: “Night Call Girl”

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