Mark My Way - Thin The Herd

Band: Mark My Way

Album: Thin The Herd

Genre: Melodic Hardcore

Label: Kick Out The Jams, Genet Records, Dust & Bones Records

Location: Belgium

FFO: Minded Fury, In Clover, Stab 

Going into ‘Thin The Herd’, I’ll be honest in saying I expected something pretty average judging how the band describes their sound. But what I got was something, not incredible, but slightly above average. Production is good, but a better mix could certainly help out this band. Specifically I think the drums could have been mixed tighter. But overall gets the job done in a way that I’m not going to be complaining throughout the record.

Getting into the first song, again, held a bit of surprise to me. The vocals are pretty good and fit the chugging guitar well. The only thing I had a dislike for right off the bat are the higher pitched vocals that almost want to flow in a rap style. After hearing the higher vocal a few times, I kinda got used to it but it’s still a weaker aspect to me. Faster vocals don't bother me, I just wish it sounded better. This was only my very first impression though; Musically, Mark My Way isn’t doing anything new or groundbreaking. They keep things seemingly interesting at first but this feeling unfortunately only lasts a few songs. Songs start to sound similar and they attempt to keep things different by throwing in more of these higher pitched, rap type of verses that take me out of the song. Or they’ll throw in some off-beat rhythm but it ends up just not working out. They don’t keep enough surprises or creativity under their sleeve. They have their specific sound down pat but need to find more to bring to the table. Their sound isn’t one I’m completely fond of but I know there's changes they could make to what’s going on now that would upgrade their sound and structure. I do want to note that I appreciate the acoustic break in ‘Perdition’ though. Lyrically, they aren’t bad at writing. There’s some pretty well known themes going on of friends, people, self empowerment, life ex. These theme’s and how they are written aren’t the most unique but they are a shining element in their music to me. Some songs better than others, but for the most part, well written.

There’s some good to enjoy about this album, but I can’t see myself giving it more than a couple listens. I enjoy the guitar style as a whole, even though it gets repetitive at times. And I can get into his lower vocals. Other than that, I have a much better time with other albums that can be categorized in this same genre. It’s hard to get past the higher pitched vocal, and uninteresting structure. The best thing Mark My Way has going for them is actually their energy above all things. I can tell their hearts are in it. When I look back at their older stuff, Thin The Herd is really just a better developed version of it. Better production and more straight forward vision.

I think the best thing I can say here is: Potential. Mark My Way has potential. What they got going on right now is a good start. By expanding their creativity musically and upping the mix, their next album could take a huge step forward. 

Rating: 6/10

Strongest Song: Justification


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