Mass Infection - Shadows Became Flesh

Band : Mass Infection

Album/EP : Shadows Became Flesh

Genre: Black Metal/Death Metal

Label : Comatose Music

Location : Greece

FFO : Logic of Denial, Behemoth, Immolation, Aeon

The production on this record isn’t bad. It could be a little cleaner in my opinion. But it fits the evil vibe that Mass Infection has to offer. So for the sake of the record, the production is perfect. It has an old school black metal vibe behind it. I think the shining element is definitely how they can fit in with either an all black metal crowd, or and all death metal crowd. They are definitely a versatile band. The mix is pretty good as well. At a couple points I noticed the kick drums were a little louder than anything else. But other than that, no complaints.

The song structures are definitely along the lines of death metal. They are fast, super relentless, and get straight to the point. Each track definitely wastes no time. No bullshit filler. Each track flows very well. I’m not sure of a theme or narrative. But with a title like ‘Shadows Became Flesh’, I’m sure the record has references to evil and death. Themes like that would fit the overall vibe the band gives off.

Now lets talk replay value. There is so much replay value here. It’s a beautifully evil record. I’m not a huge fan of old school black metal, but like I said before, they take that sound and make it into a modern death metal record. My favorite part is definitely how the album makes you feel. From the moment the first track started, I felt like I was having a meeting with the devil. To me, if a record can make you feel something, or feel a certain way, then it’s a beautiful record. Compared to the last record, the production definitely got a lot better. I feel the playing of the instruments has matured and gotten a lot tighter. They definitely stepped up their game on this release.

Overall, I’m going to say this. I back this record. It’s definitely going to be one of my favorite records of the year. It’s a collection of pure evil and anger than cannot be matched by any other band.

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: At One With Demon Dreams

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