Mireplaner - Diapiric

Band: Mireplaner

Album/EP: Diapiric

Genre: Post-Metal

Label: N/A

Location: Finland

FFO: Cult of Luna, Between the Buried and Me

Let me paint an image for you. It’s a typical dark and stormy night. You’re driving along the outside a lake, when suddenly you lose control. You can’t regain control of the vehicle and you catapult into the lake. Water rushes in from every angle. You can’t get the seatbelt undone, you don’t make it out in time. Your world grows darker, and you realize that death is near. That is exactly what Mireplaner’s ‘Diapiric’ makes you feel.

For being a 2 song debut ep, the mix is fantastic. Miiro Varjus of Wavescape Productions, does a fantastic job of capturing the eerie atmosphere of the band. Both the songs blend together. It feels like one giant song. But you can’t even tell the first track ends. You lose yourself in the image they paint with the music. The fairly obvious theme, is death. It’s the feeling of drowning and the feeling of death swallowing you whole.

This two tracks (1. The Hanging Trees 2. Hinterlands) will definitely get thrown into a mix. With how solid they are, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these men. I can’t pick a favorite part. It’s all super well done. From the eerie atmosphere, to the Mastodon/Amon Amarth-esque vocals. It truly feels like these guys have been around for a while.

All in all, don’t sleep on these guys. This EP is just a small taste of what they have planned.

Star Rating: 10/10

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