Misery Index - Rituals of Power

Band- Misery Index

Album- Rituals of Power

Genre- Death Metal

Label- Seasons of Mist

Location- Baltimore, Maryland

FFO- Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Cattle Decapitation, Cannibal Corpse

I has been half a decade since the last Misery Index album. 5 years since “The Killing Gods” in 2014. “Rituals of Power” does not disappoint in any way shape or form. Production is stellar and done quite well. Everything runs smoothly and every part of the band compliments the other. Which means the musicianship of Misery Index is top notch. Drummer, Adam Jarvis, shows off his chops with some of the best drumming I have heard in a long time. Stupidly fast and heavy is the best way I can sum it up. But also able to slow it down with some mid tempo hi hat action, which happens to be a personal favorite of mine. Pulsating double bass that any drummer would swoon over. Able to switch between both styles in a millisecond. Like a snapped neck. And just as brutal as a snapped neck. On top of all that, a clean sounding snare. Need I say more? Both guitars are able to keep the pace and don’t ever stop. Each track just as brutal as the other. Some incredibly fast strumming plagues this album and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Really bringing that doom/death feel to the listener. Even throwing in some snazzy solos when you aren’t expecting it.

Dual vocal duties are split between bassist Jason Netherton and guitarist Mark Kloeppel and are a big reason this album will stand out amongst all the death metal out there. Their vocals are some of the purest death vocals I have heard in a while and it shows on this record. They stick with a scream/growl sound throughout the album, but they have something unique about it. A big reason I have never been a huge death metal fan is because of the low low growls. Half the time I can’t understand it. But with, Misery Index I can clearly hear their vocals and the lyrics. That alone is enough to get me to listen.

“Rituals of Power” is on impressive Death metal record. Sticking to their signature sound, Misery Index is able to pound their message in cleanly and clearly. But also trying to sway away from core sounds and be more of a death act. With lyrics that really hit home and make the listeners think about society and where it’s going. “Universal Untruths” gets it started and shows what your in for. And from them on it is a non-stop barrage of growls and blast beats. ‘New Salem” is a slap in the face from the band, musically and lyrically. Tackling issues with our current media system and their “witch hunt” agenda. Then a song like “Rituals of Power” is able to really use that up tempo punk drumming to bring it on home. If you want some gnarly blasts? “Decline and Fall” and “They Always Come Back” will fill ya right up.

I can’t get over the fact that this band has been around for so long and I am now finally listening to them. If this is the sound they have been doing for so long then wtf have I been doing with my life. “Rituals of Power” is a death metal album for all metal fans. You will be able to find a lot you like with this one. Misery Index are death giants and it’s on clear display with their new record. If your looking for pissed off and angry music I highly suggest you check out “Rituals of Power on March 8th. And of course check out Misery Index when they tour to support the new release.

Rating- 9 out of 10

Strongest Song- New Salem





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