Motör Militia - World in Flames

Band : Motör Militia

Album/EP : World in Flames

Genre: Metal

Label : N/A

Location : Bahrain

FFO : Overkill, Shadows Fall, Anthrax

Hailing from the depths of Bahrain, Motör Militia bring you their take on the end of times with ‘World in Flames’. Ill be honest, it took me a couple listens to be able to appreciate this record. I feel most record now a days, you should listen to a small handful of times before you form an opinion.

At first, I though the production on the vocals was off. I thought the vocals were kind of lower than they should be. But to be fair, I was also listening at work, so you know, that kind of hindered things. After I was able to listen at home through better headphones, the mix is pretty darn good. Everything blends well, the vocals aren’t too harsh/ aren’t too weak. I believe the shining element, is the way they can bend the music to fits a couple different genres at once.

The songs tend to start and finish like most songs do. They don’t really blend together like most concept albums do. That’s okay, they also don’t need to do that to tell a story. As I stated before, ‘World in Flames’ is about the coming of the end. They draw influence from different scripture writings,, points in history, and even some conspiracy theories to form their story.

It starts off as a war, that ultimately ushers in some peaceful times. But as the album progresses, a certain evil is rising, and ends up with the world in flames. Honestly, I can appreciate such an intricate story in music like this. Most metal is just people with opinions and who just want to be heard. I can easily put this on work now and jam it with out a problem. It’s a pretty good listen. One of those records that you will throw in a playlist and not really pass a song. The only thing I wish this album had, was maybe an interlude or two to kind of help the listener imagine the tide of war changing. To me, a slower maybe instrumental, or even if the first song was a little slower. Then you build up to a fast relentless song in the middle. Then finally end with a mid tempo song that has a longer fading outro.

Now compared to their last record “Cloaked in Darkness”, they have definitely gotten better as musicians. The vocal have definitely improved. The drums sound tighter, and the guitars are a little more intricate. I hope with their next record, they tighten up just a wee bit more. Then they will definitely be a fantastic band.

Overall, I would recommend this release for a person who likes metal, but doesn’t necessarily like bands that are super angry. Motör Militia definitely bridges the gap from bands like Shadows Fall, to bigger faster bands like Slayer. I look forward to their future, if the world doesn’t end like in their story.

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Zul, Supremecy



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