Motive - Fight The World

Band: Motive

Album: Fight The World

Genre: Thrash

Label: Metal Devastation and their own Independent Label

Location: Phoenix, Arizona 

FFO: Slayer, Anthrax, Pantera

Motive is no stranger to the industry. After making music as a group since 1999, you learn a thing or two about how an album should sound. Fight The World doesn’t have the best quality but the overall sonics and mix are very well done. I love when I can hear everything clearly enough to be able to appreciate every member and their craft. As with most Thrash, I personally always seem to follow along with the instrumentals more. The aggressive drums and very rhythmic grooves make that way of listening very easy and enjoyable. 

If you’re going to be a band who wants to stand on their own without bending to the newest genre fads, you have to have certain shining elements that people can grab on to. At least one or two things that stand out to certain people that make them say “I like that about them more than this other band”. For me, that main thing is the vocals. They are all over the place and have a sort of chaos to them. Mike can keep his voice low and quick or belt out these wild higher screams. The other thing that stands out to me are specific points in certain riffs. There’s almost an element of death metal with how hard hitting they can be. This also carries over to the drums at times. You can notice this right from the beginning when you press play on the album. It tells you this isn’t your normal Thrash album, this is a little more. Guitar work doesn’t stop at hard hitting riffs though; Steven knows how to rip these catchy leads and untamed solos. 

Fight The World keeps core ideas from their past music but for the most part, improves on them more. The best way to describe it is everything is much more alive. Production helps with this a lot but the prime contribution to this better sound is the talent and effort from the band. The instrumental writing is more detailed but keeps the aggressiveness it needs to stand out from other thrash bands. This is accompanied by the vocals having much more authenticity in order to match the energy of the rest of the band. Lyrical themes revolve around politics, religion, and some encouragement to be a better, smarter person in general. Although strong and forward topics, these lyrics however can be hit or miss. I find certain songs like ‘Thrash Priest’ or ‘An Act of God’ a bit cheesy. I much prefer the creativity of ‘One With The Water’ and the album closer ‘Headstones and Pictures’. Nonetheless, some average lyrical writing isn’t going to stop me from having this LP on replay. It may have a lot coming at you at times, but it’s a very easy listen.

Motive has outdone themselves on most, if not all levels with Fight The World. Hammering grooves that keep things interesting. Vocals that compliment the sound. It’s a relentless album that will have you constantly engaged. Thrash fans can fall in love with this album, and metal fans of other sub genres could get into it. 

Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Fight The World


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