Murder Made God - Endless Return

Band : Murder Made God

Album/EP : Endless Return

Genre: Death Metal

Label : Unique Leader Records

Location : Thessaloniki, Greece

FFO : Logic of Denial, Continuum, Bloodtruth

The production on this record is definitely up to Unique Leader’s usual standards. Its a very well written death metal record. Its definitely got some super catchy head banging riffs. Which is what I personally look for. As long as its catchy, I feel like it’ll go over well with most metal fans. What I think sticks out the most with MMG, is they have a slightly newer sound, but I get an older vibe off them. So I feel like they could easily hold their own among shows with the OG’s like Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel. The mix is outstanding. The guitars have a slight hint of the Djent sound. Which is something that will help them appeal to a newer and younger crowd. But you can hear every aspect of the music. Which doesn’t happen much among death metal. 

The songs flow very well on the ears. They are generally mid-high tempo in speed. But they remain consistent, as in no random tempo changes. That’s also something that appeases me. Im not a huge fan of sudden tempo changes. But hey, that’s a bands music, not mine. Im not entirely sure of a theme. I wish I was better as figuring that out. I love when a record has a theme.

One thing that is setting the record apart from most death metal today, is definitely the tones in the guitars. I feel like they have something different. Its got the crunchy death metal tone. But also has underlaying djent/technical sound. Which is great. Bands shouldn’t pigeon hole themselves to sound like one genre. 

There is some replay value here. Now, I do enjoy this record. Am I going to have it on repeat all the time? Probably not, but if they pop up on shuffle, I’m definitely not changing it. The tracks have a slight ominous evil background tone to them. Which of course I love when a bands combines different little things to create on bigger piece of art. My favorite part is definitely the guitars. They have different styles in them. But they aren’t a typical death metal band.

Compared to their last record “Enslaved”, a couple things did change. I feel that Endless return is more mature take on their brand of death metal. Where as on Enslaved, I feel that was a little sporadic in the riffing. The vocals are a little deeper on Enslaved compared to Endless Return. The production/mix is also a little more raw on the old material.  Its not a bad record, I just hope they become more consistent. Id love the old vocals on this new material. BUT I also understand a band will evolve, that’s bound to happen. Which is okay. So for them to evolve and expand, I respect that. 

Overall, Endless Return is a solid effort. Its got some catchy riffs layered with some evil noise. Endless Return is a record that you put on when you’re relaxing, which sounds ironic. But hey, this is coming from a guy who can sleep to Dying Fetus. I plan on paying more attention the this band. They are on one of the best death metal labels out there. So I see nothing but great things in their future. 

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Alive

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