My Dying Bride - The Ghost of Orion

Band: My Dying Bride

Album: The Ghost of Orion

Genre: Doom

Label: Nuclear Blast

Location: West Yorkshire, UK

FFO: Katatonia, Paradise Lost, Type O Negative, Moonspell, Amorphis

My Dying Bride takes you on an adventure in ‘The Ghost of Orion’. Is it a fun adventure? I’ll get into that. But the album does have a lot of theatrical qualities to it, making it feel large. It’s without a doubt their best production yet. They offer a good amount of things to appreciate within the sound itself in order to depict a certain mood or tone. From light guitar playing and smooth vocals lines to “dooming” riffs and harsh vocals. It seems like the band enjoys bending the boundaries of their genre as far as they will go before breaking. Which is something I am all for. 

Normally I am not a fan of Doom metal for a few reasons. My Dying Bride luckily has a few attributes outside of those reasons. They have more diversity in sounds such as female singing, violins, and guitar solo style parts. Unfortunately though they possess my biggest complaint about Doom and that is the genres defining feature - it’s boring. Songs such as ‘Tired of Tears’ feel like the repetitiveness is never going to end. Time lengths like 10 minutes doesn’t help either. Not only are things repetitive, also slow. I would be more okay if these were fast repetitive riffs or slow riffs with a lot of change up. But sadly it’s the worst of both worlds. Again, those are genre defining elements though, so that’s why I take it as is but make sure to note that it isn’t my cup of tea. With all that being said, the songs at least flowed together well with each other. Nothing felt out of place. 

I personally can not see myself listening to this album again. The talent and experience is there, but it’s all put towards a limiting genre. I do think this is their most artistic project yet though. It sounds the most put together and solid. Production certainly helps with that. From a lyrical standpoint, although there are many lines repeated, it hammers home the despair and emotion behind the music. The music and lyrical themes pair well with one another. This is something My Dying Bride has a good track record for. Building an entire foundation and structure for each song where everything melds together as one in a way that each aspect represents each other. 

Within Doom Metal specifically, I’ve heard those straight forward, sludgy, low quality types of bands who hit the open string over and over again. This is leagues above that. My Dying Bride stretches their wings towards more variety and creativity, which is where a higher score comes in play. Again though, that’s compared to only other bands in this genre. When it comes to deathcore, thrash, death metal, progressive, ex, there’s so much more going on at an attention grabbing pace. The Ghost of Orion and others like it remain held back by very boring and repetitive playing.

Rating: 6/10

Strongest Song: Your Broken Shore


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