Nick Lent - The Fog

Band : Nick Lent

Album/EP : The Fog

Genre: Instrumental Prog

Label : N/A

Location : Seal Beach, California

FFO : The Contortionist, Tesseract, Periphery

Self-recording/mixing and mastering can sometimes be a downfall for musicians. Being able to have that outside ear that can hear something the musician cannot can have an advantage. But what Nick has done here is create something truly beautiful. The production is phenomenal for his first record. It’s written in such a way, that you need to listen to it front to back. What sticks out to me the most, is the fact that it’s purely instrumental. I do not hear much instrumental metal much these days, so to be able to write something like that is great in my opinion. The mix, overall, was pretty solid. I don’t know if he actually recorded drums or they were programmed. But either way, the cymbals could have been a notch higher. Otherwise everything else was great.

The songs flowed very well. A lot of metal is either riding in the fast lane, or traveling in the slower lane. Nick wrote a record that cruises along in the middle. There are no sudden time changes. He slows things down or picks them up gradually, which I think makes for something beautiful. It flows like a story and strings itself along seamlessly. 

The narrative is something that a listener might not pick up on, since there are no lyrics. But Nick mentioned that “The Fog” is about depression slowly overtaking a person’s mind. This is a topic that comes around at the right time with mental health being such a big issue currently. If you close your eyes, and just vibe out, it totally makes sense. If I had to put my thoughts into words, it would go like this: 

Close your eyes and imagine bright colors. Any bright colors. Some greens, pinks, blues, and even purple. Then as the album progresses, imagine those colors getting darker and fading away. Until all that is left if pitch black nothing.

My favorite part of the album is Nick’s way of being able to tell his story, without using lyrics. That is talent in my opinion. Which also brings up another topic, music in general is another language. You don’t necessarily need lyrics to make a person feel something. I don’t have a least favorite part of the record. It’s definitely a side step from what I normally listen to. But this will go well in my car when I drive people around. One thing I do wonder, is what would the album be like with lyrics? Would it be as impactful? Would it mean the same thing? Who knows?

Overall, I’m surprised by this album. I’m not huge into instrumental music, or even something as simple. But this was a nice change of pace. The Fog is packed full of interweaving riffs and ambient beauty. Nick has done an outstanding job at painting a picture without words. If he keeps this up, he will definitely deserve to be more well known. Great job, Nick!

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: City Fractured

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