Obvurt - The Beginning

Band: Obvurt

EP: The Beginning

Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Label: Brutal Mind

Location: Quebec, Canada

FFO: Aborted, Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation

“The Beginning” by Obvurt is one of the many new projects I got in my email, buried with the rest, outside of the mainstream releases. Even though it’s always a lot, I make sure to give a brief listen to every single one I get, in case I stumble on something I can personally really get into. This, caught my eye the other day. I say “eye” instead of “ear” because the story behind it is what really intrigued me first before even hearing it. To give you the short version; Philippe Drouin is the guitarist/vocalist. He has been playing for over 15 years, but in 2016, almost crippled his right wrist in a terrible car accident, making it very difficult to play guitar. So get this, he buys a left handed guitar (even though he is originally right handed) and learns to play the opposite way. And let me tell you, he sounds like he’s been playing that way all his life. More on that soon. As always, the production first; for a new project (as of 2020) this sounds pretty good. It’s a solid mix with good EQ balance all around. Could be better of course, but I am not complaining for a first EP.

To get to the music itself, not only was I impressed by the skill of a relatively new left handed guitar player, but also the fact this is only a 3 piece. I know it’s possible of course, it just always manages to surprise me when such a crazy, big sound comes from a band with less than 4 or 5 players. Needless to say, the talent is there. By there, I mean all over this EP. From front to back it’s brutal, fast, and has enough change ups to constantly keep things interesting. Just when you’ve had your fill on a certain riff or pattern, they dive head first into another section of the song, but not straying too far from the core of what the song is doing. One of my favorite “break away” moments was when Michael Batio came in on ‘Obverted’ for a quick solo. I always love hearing solos in death metal because they are usually few and far between. However they almost always improve a song for me when they do come around. My favorite song on here though has to be ‘Scars of War’ because it takes a slightly different approach from the others. It starts off super fast and in your face, but gets into this slower “doomy” passage that’s extremely groovy and cool. It then ends very heavy. Probably the simplest song on here, but one of the most effective.

I listened to these 18ish minutes at least a few times over in my first sitting, and can’t help but replay it a second time every time I turn it on. The replay value is very much there especially since there’s so much going on that there’s always more to take in.

Obvurt is a great new startup project I think every death metal fan should try out. They possess all the qualities of a death metal act you could ask for, and to an extent, in a refreshing fashion. I’m excited to hear what they can bring to the table within a full length LP.

Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Obverted, Scars of War

Bandcamp: https://brutalmind.bandcamp.com/album/the-beginning

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