Omophagia - 646965

Band : Omophagia

Album/EP : 646965

Genre: Death Metal

Label : Unique Leader

Location : Zurich, Switzerland

FFO : Aborted, Continuum, Cytotoxin

The production is fucking top notch. Its definitely very death metal influenced, laced perfectly with a bit of technicality. I feel as most death metal now a days is pretty straight forward, in your face, going to rip your balls off metal. Which is fine, but leave that to the OG’s (Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, etc.). Omophagia may be taking influence from those bands, but you can tell they are definitely pushing the boundaries of modern technical death metal. I feel that is what stands out the most with this band. The mix is fucking perfect. Every little instrument and the vocals are at the right level. They even have some industrial/technology sounding back tracks that fit right in.

The songs don’t really have much structure. In the title track, 646965, I do hear a tiny bit of repetition. Beni keeps repeating some sort of computer code of Zeros and Ones. And I really want to know what it translates to. But other than there not being to much of a structure, the tracks flow insanely well. They have just the right speed to keep the death metal fans interested. But take that speed, and lace it with catchy riffs, and you have the whole audience head banging in unison. Im not entirely sure what the them would be, if there is even a theme. 

Now, lets talk about the replay value. Now that I’ve actually sat down and listened to the record, its definitely going to get thrown in my work mix. Its got literally everything I love to listen to at work. My favorite part of the record has to be the way the vocals don’t try to over power the instruments. The took great care making the vocals not blend, but compliment the instruments. What is the point of being in a band if you all don’t work well together? The vocals work so well with the riffs and drum patterns, im blown away. I can’t find anything to complain about, except that the album has an end. 

Now that I heard this, I had to go check out their last album, In The Name of Chaos. There are definitely a couple things they did different. First off, its the most obvious, the production/mix. The way the songs are arranged on 646965 are more mature and seem to be well thought out. The mix is definitely leagues above ITNOC. Now was the mix bd on the list album, no, not necessarily. But on 646965, the mix is crushingly perfect. Everything just sounds cleaner and well produced. The drums in the last album were lost just a tiny bit in the mix to the guitars. The vocals were mixed just a hair higher than all. But on 646965, they have everything just right. Kohlekeller Studio (Recording & Mix) and Tom Porcell (Mastering) absolutely captured the brutality that Omophagia has to offer. 

I think that after reading this, you can tell what my conclusion is. 646965 by Omophagia is definitely one of the most top notch albums of the year. Its a crushing release of Modern Death Metal laced with Technical brutality. The drums are absolutely monstrous, and the guitars are some of the most catchy riffs I’ve ever heard in death metal. The vocals are face meltingly intense and almost intimidating. This record deserves a spot in your library.

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: 646965

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