Oracle - Live At Bloodstock

Band: Oracle

Album: Live from Bloodstock

Genre: Heavy Metal/ Thrash Metal

Label: Independent 

Location: Belfast, Ireland

FFO: God Forbid, Lamb of God, Machine Head

Up to this point I have gone through my life not even knowing these guys existed, And I am genuinely bummed I haven't heard their material. This was taken from their 2018 Bloodstock, where other big acts such as Gojira and At the Gates had played as well. 

From start to finish this was an incredible performance. Worthy of playing on the bigger stages in my opinion. Each song has so much passion and it makes you want to get up and start moshing yourself. They opened with "No God Waits for You" which grabs your attention from the get go. The guitars are on point and I didn't hear any slip ups throughout the performance. At times they are drowned out by the drums, which is kind of a bummer. But this tends to happen alot with metal. Bass is there but doesn't stand out to much unfortunately. The drums are clean and easy to hear. But to me what really stood out was the vocals and the overall performance of frontman Jason Kerr. I have been to a lot of concerts in my life and I can only think of a handful of singers who stood above the sounds of the band and the crowd. But wow did he do an incredible job. Which is kudos to the sound guy but a huge thumbs up to Jason. His lows during "Serpentine"  during the breakdown had my hair stand up and had my head slowly bobbing as I sat on my couch. Makes me wish I would've been there to see the crowd and how they reacted to his performance.

Overall this was an incredible live performance.Clean and easy to hear. Which is can easily be a hit or miss with live metal. I can see myself looking up their entire catalog after I finish this review. The replay value is there but not as high as I would like. But like I mentioned it will make you want to listen to the rest of their material. 

Playing such a big festival on a side stage is in incredible honor and Oracle took their shot and nailed it. They have made a fan out of me and if you like metal I am sure this performance will make a fan out of you. 

Rating: 9/10

Strongest song: Sky Burns Red


No God Waits for You

The High Priestess

Sky Burns Red


Burn the Nameless


By Joe Sigfred

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