Organectomy - Existential Disconnect

Band : Organectomy

Album/EP : Existential Disconnect

Genre: Slam/Brutal Death Metal

Label : Unique Leader Records

Location : Christchurch, New Zealand

FFO : Mental Cruelty, Stillbirth, Kraanium

Lets start with the first track, Severed From Humanity. I am not sure why, but the way the song kicks off is both funny, and fantastic at the same time. Organectomy wastes no time getting right to the point. The production on this record is fantastic. Its not a disorganized record. The way things are structured, especially for this genre, usually don’t make sense. But its very well put together. I feel like what stands out the most, is the way they mix some slams in with an undeniable groove. So many slam/brutal death metal bands focus on technicality, and no so much as to what could actually catch the listeners ears. The mix was done very well. 

As I mentioned before, the album is very organized, but not written with a typical structure. Despite not really having a structure, the album flowed very well. You can tell by the way the tracks are arranged, that they took their time writing this record. They didn’t want to send off a shitty product. I’m not too sure about a narrative. I always try to guess by the song titles/album name. Most of the time its pretty obvious. But with this one I’m guessing it has to do with disconnecting from humanity. Either by death, or even being exiled. Who knows. I sure as fuck don’t. 

The replay value is definitely there. I don’t always listen to slam/brutal death metal, but these guys will be an auto include for sure. If I knew the theme of the record, I’m positive the lyrics would reflect that. So in fact, I have no idea about lyrics. It all sounds like toilet bowl noises (dont get me wrong, I love it). My favorite part of the record is the first 5 seconds. It literally kicks you in the dick right from the start. I’m not too terribly sure if I have a least favorite part. The only thing that I noticed, compared to their last record (Domain of The Wretched), is the production/mix. Its definitely a little clearer this time around.

Overall, its a pretty solid brutal record. The gutturals hit in such a way that I don’t think I’ve heard before. The production is pretty solid. I think this record will go over well with anyone who is a fan of this genre. Its got the slams we want, and gutturals we deserve.

Star Rating: 9.5

Strongest Song: Antithetical

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