Osiah - Kingdom of Lies

Band : Osiah

Album/EP : Kingdom of Lies

Genre: Deathcore

Label : Unique Leader Records

Location : North East UK

FFO : Signs of The Swarm, A Wake In Providence, I Killed Everyone, Despised Icon

I don’t swear much in my reviews. But everyone in a while a record comes along where the only thing you can say is “holy fuck”. The production on this record is fantastic. I feel like its literally everything you would want in a modern deathcore record. What I feel like is the best quality of these guys, is they sound like they have been in the scene for YEARS. All their playing is on point, crisp and clean. The mix is absolute perfection. Every instrument and the vocals are all at the right levels. Which is crucial in my own opinion. 

The songs don’t have a traditional structure. They all do have some sort of buildup to a nasty guttural breakdown. Which I like very much. I’m not a huge fan of breakdowns that happen out of no where. Like you’ll be grooving along to a sweet riff, then BAM. Breakdown. I don’t know if there is a narrative on the whole record. I feel like there kind of is, but I’m not one to make assumptions. 

Now, lets get to the replay value. Have you ever heard a record so good, you just can’t stop? Once I got this in my inbox, I played it maybe 6 times straight? Then its been played at least once a day. I love it. I can’t get enough of it. My favorite part of the record is definitely the vocals. Ricky has once of the best ranges in the game. His range reminds me of my friend Cody in I Killed Everyone. The noises these guys can make is absolutely mind blowing. Compared to their last record (Terra Firma), they definitely have matured a bit. The production/mix is significantly better on Kingdom of Lies. The song writing has a wee bit more structure, and isn’t just focused on bing heavy. You can just tell that they all practiced their respective roles, and made sure they brought you their best material. 

Overall, im super psyched on this release. Its got everything I want in a deathcore album and more. Its got some groovy riffs followed by blast beats. Its got some of the gnarliest/craziest vocals I’ve heard in a while. Its definitely a heavy hitting album that you will not want to sleep on. If your a fan of Signs of the Swarm or Despised Icon, I think this album will see a place in your daily rotation.

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: Reflections of a Monster



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