Outliar - Taste The Blood

Band : Outliar

Album/EP : Taste The Blood

Genre: Heavy Metal

Label : N/A

Location : Apex, North Carolina

FFO : Lamb of God, Death Angel, Obituary

Do you like some good old heavy metal that is sure to make your head move? Then do I have a band for you! Outliar isn’t following any normal metal “trends”, and it definitely shows with their latest effort “Taste The Blood”.

Starting us off, the production quality is pretty good. It seems to have the modern production sound, but somehow keeping a gritty thrash/heavy metal sound. The mix doesn’t seem bad either. No part of the band outshines the others. I do feel like the shining element is how they definitely aren’t following a typical metal “trends”. You can tell where the thrash influences are. But you can also tell where its just pure heavy metal. Most metal bands seem to follow a typical pattern: intro, verse, chorus, shorter verse, chorus, solo, verse, outro. These guys keep you on your toes with tempo changes.

Like I previously stated, the song structures aren’t what you expect. They do flow together, but sometimes a song with either slow down/speed up when you least expect it too. The musical narrative/theme of the record has to do with things like life lessons (loss, betrayal) and bouncing back from such lessons.

The replay value is definitely there. If you are a fan of thrash metal/any thing fast, you definitely wont want to skip this. I think my favorite part of the record, is the intro to the track ‘The Death of All That Is Sacred’. The mini drum fill mixed with the guitar feedback just ringing, lets the user know something good is coming. My least favorite part might be how sometimes you cant tell what the lyrics are. Even with some modern death metal, they have enunciation. Am I saying that you cant ever understand the lyrics in this record? No, not at all. There are points when you can tell, and some points where you cant. Also, its totally okay that you cant. I personally like enunciation, but that’s just me.

I cant compare/contrast to their first LP (Provoked To Anger) because I can not find it. But for being only their second record, I’m definitely glad I heard it. It’s a good listen, and definitely can make the live audience member bang their head. I totally look forward to hearing their next release.

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: The Death of All That Is Sacred, Pillars.

iTunes: https://apple.co/2K0urRP

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2LtMpkZ

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