Overpower - One Mind One Prison

Band : Overpower

Album/EP : One Mind One Prison

Genre: Hardcore

Label : 10-54 Records

Location : Melbourne, Australia

FFO : Obituary, Power Trip, No Zodiac

The production on this record is great. Everything sound pretty crystal clear. I enjoy that about modern music. I prefer to hear every note. I don’t like something that sounds like its played through a trash can or some shit. So the mix and production are killer. I feel like their shining element is simple. They write music that easily fits in with old school veterans like Obituary.

The songs seemed to flow pretty well. They are fast and seemed to have an emotion that only hardcore music can portray. I’m honestly not sure what the narrative is. With a title like ‘One Mind One Prison’ I can only imagine it has something to do with someone’s own thoughts. Almost like you are stuck inside your own mind, trying to get out.

Personally, for me, I don’t know if ill listen to this one again. If you separate the vocals and the instrumentals, I feel like they are great the instruments are super heavy, dirty, and have a classic hardcore sound. The vocals are a little different for me. Something about the annunciations that don’t do it for me. But I can see where it fits. Like I said, they almost sound like an old Obituary. He’s just a little higher pitch.

My favorite part of the album, is definitely the emotion that the band portrays. It’s got elements of anger, and what feels like depression. My least favorite, like I said, was partly the vocals. I feel like they are slightly out of place for the band. But they do fit hardcore, so its not all terrible. I would love to hear the vocalist try a different technique. Now don’t get me wrong, this record isn’t bad. It just isn’t quite my thing. I would love to seem them grow and succeed.

Overall, its not a bad record. It has heavy riffs, and some two step parts. It’s got emotion, and some very unique arrangements. I can totally see where a fan of classic hardcore/metal might appreciate this. Big thanks to Pete of 10-54 for sending this my way. It was a step out of my comfort zone, and I could use that.

Star Rating: 8/10

Strongest Song: Hymn of Hysteria

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