Pale Flag - Emergence

Band : Pale Flag

Album/EP : Emergence

Genre: Metalcore

Label : N/A

Location : Auckland, New Zealand

FFO : As I Lay Dying, Parkway Drive, Miss May I

Right away, the production is pretty solid. I feel like each song is Very well written. Nothing to insanely complicated about this band. Which I feel like is a breath of fresh air. Their shining element is definitely how they seem to be bringing metal core back. Almost like early Parkway Drive type of sound. The mix is spot on. Isaac’s vocals get so disgustingly low that I sometimes thing the mix is off. But alas, its just his voice. 

The songs all flow very well. The first track, The Storm, starts off with a super catchy drum/guitar riff. Its definitely a headbanger/ a song to get the crowd moving. Im not to sure of a theme, but im going to take a good crack at it. I feel like the ep has to do with rising above demons, and emerging to form a better self, or something like that. Ive had this on repeat for a while. Its a super solid effort. As ive mentioned before, the instruments sound like old school metal core like Parkway Drive or I Killed The Prom Queen. But the vocals are very much guttural like death core. Its a very unique blend of styles that I think they do very well.

My favorite part, consists of two parts. The beginning of the first song, The Storm, and the song ‘Demise’. Both are super heavy that make me want to run around and smash shit. Compared to their last single ‘In This Moment’, I feel like the production was stepped up a bit. It sounds like a bigger record. Which is great for them. I do wish to see the instruments not as gritty. Its not the entire EP, but some parts the distortion shows. basically, I would love to see a cleaner transition from distortion to cleans leads, make sense? 

Before I conclude this lovely article, im going to do something a little different and go track by track.

The storm, as I mentioned before is SUPER catchy right from the start. The chugging riffs layered over the double bass is very appealing to the ears. Almost guaranteed to get the crowd moving somehow. Track 2, Uprising, starts off with a Killswitch Engage-esque guitar riffs. Its very metal core up until the neck breaking breakdown at the end. I feel like track 3, Confined, has an Anthem vibe to it. Like the vocals at th end could be really cool to interact with the crowd. Also, im slightly sad its not an As I Lay Dying cover. Just kidding.

Breaking the Cage is track 4. This track is all metal core with a super sick deathcore breakdown in the middle. Not my personal favorite of the EP, but still adds to the overall vibe of the record. Now, Demise, holy shit. I immediately messaged Jack and told him I loved that track. It has deathcore written all over it. If the crowd doesn’t start hitting each other, ill be very disappointed. The final track, Sanctuary, is a great track to close out with. Its got the heaviness but, for me atleast, has a tiny sense of calm to it. 

Overall, im honored to call these guys my friends, even though were in different countries. Emergence should help revive the metal core scene. A genre we all listened to at one time or another. This record has some super easy but catchy guitar riffs and drum fills. Isaac’s vocals sound like he’s a veteran in the genre already. You can hear their growth as a band, and that’s something im proud of. Buy this record, you will NOT be disappointed. 

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: The Storm, Demise

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