Pale Flag - In This Moment (Single)

Band: Pale Flag

Album/EP: In This Moment (Single)

Genre: Metalcore

Label: NA

Location: Aukland, New Zealand

FFO: Parkway Drive, August Burns Red, I Killed the Prom Queen

The production on the single is surprisingly good. I personally can’t hear anything wrong. Their shining quality is definitely how they can write something heavy, but be super melodic and beautiful at the same time.

The song flowed pretty well. It starts out easy and beautiful. Then everything kicks in and punches you in the face. The narrative/theme behind the song is definitely a dark one. It’s about depression, and taking a look inside yourself. Something personal, which we all can connect with.

Once Pale Flag’s full EP drops, I will definitely be replaying it. Based off this single alone, I can tell I already love it. As I’ve stated before, I really enjoy how they can take something so beautiful, and keep it heavy.

Overall, you really need to pay attention to this bands future. After a couple albums and full tours, they have the potential to be on a Parkway Drive level of metal core. They have beautiful ambience, and heavy breakdowns. Keep your eyes peeled for Pale Flag.

 Star Rating: 10/10

The video/single will be dropping next week! Follow their Facebook to find out where to watch the video and keep up with their future endeavors:

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