Parallel Minds- Every Hour Wounds...The Last One Kills

Band- Parallel Minds

Album- Every Hour Wounds…The Last One Kills

Genre- Power/Thrash

Label- Pitch Black Records

Location- France

FFO- Megadeth, Nevermore, Holy Grail, Stonecast

Pitch Black Records knew what they were doing when they signed this band. They heard the passion and incredible musicianship in Parallel Minds. And it shows on the this record. Sound quality is top notch and every thing comes through clear. Drummer, Eric Manella is a man on a mission with this one. His usage of both old school metal and new school is exquisite. Double bass that sounds perfect and keeps the music rolling. But overall his drum performance is probably of my favorite of the year. He plays with a purpose while most drummers nowadays play to be loud. Guitars are handled by string man Gregory Giraudo and boy does handle them well. Nonstop riffs that don’t go too overboard. He is able to keep the train rolling with these incredibly fast and mean riffs. While also soloing his ass off at times. Can tell this man has been playing for a long time. Almost prefect guitar playing.

Vocal duties are assigned to Stephane Fradet. He is able to use this Dave Mustaine like snarl while also belting out these incredible highs that make the listener clench up. He also incorporates these really weird screams that are able to add a sinister like sound but aren’t really necessary. His vocals are also drowned out by the rest of the band at times. Honestly, I don’t know if this was a problem on my end but it was kind of a bummer to not hear it as clear as I wanted. Still sounded great on the record overall. Would have liked to hear more clean highs but that is just nit picking.

Like I mentioned earlier, Parallel Minds are able to use a wide array of sub genres on this record. A lot of bands try to incorporate different sounds but usually end up back where they began or sounding like the ones before them. PM does none of that and are able to create this really melodic thrash hybrid. Hard to really pin down what they are trying to do on “Every Hour Wounds”. In the end, they are playing a type of metal that is hard to come by among st the chuggy, growly stuff. Real musicians playing at their best. But for the most part they play this very traditional sounding thrash that would make old school fans all giddy. Songs like “The Last One Kills” and “I Am C” are prime examples of that.

Heavy riffs and blistering solos. But also able to slow it down a bit with “On Your Own". I really enjoyed the Pantera like, punch you in the mouth track “How”. Just a nasty, head banging pounder. Solo game is strong on “The 52 Hz Whale” so thank you Gregory Giraudo for that one.

Overall, Parallel Minds could be labeled as a poor mans Megadeth. Is that bad thing? Oh hell no. As a matter of fact I would rather listen to PM over the thrash legends. Only because they are doing something unique. What is that you ask? They are making a sound that is gonna bring in new metal fans as well as a please the old guard.

Something a lot of bands have attempted but failed in the end. If your looking for tuned down nastiness, then this isn’t the band for you. But I would still say give Parallel Minds a listen. This melodic thrash mix is what is missing from metal nowadays and I hope more bands like them pop up.

Every Hour Wounds…The Last One Kills drops April 5th on Pitch Black Records. DON’T MISS OUT!

Rating- 9 out of 10

Strongest Song- I Am C

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