Perceived - Living hell

Band : Percieved

Album/EP : Living Hell (single)

Genre: Hard Rock

Label : N/A

Location : Texas

FFO : Staind, Cold, Blue October

Living Hell is a single of their forthcoming debut EP due out later this year. It starts off with a bittersweet acoustic melodic jam on the guitar. Simple and sweet. Then the song gets pretty heavy for a couple bars.

The song changes like this a couple times. Going from a softer easy listening style to an aggressive hard rock approach. I can see why people might like this. Im not huge into clean singing. But If I saw these guys live, I would enjoy the shit out of it. I can feel the calm nature during the slow parts. The agressive breakdowns are super simple. Which is great. Complicated breakdowns turn me off.

The production and mix is surprisingly not too bad. At first I expected it to sound like it was recorded in some old basement. The vocals turned me off at first. I honestly wasn’t expecting that. But as I listened to it more and more, the track grew on me. I love the balance of the acoustic sounding guitar and the aggression that follows after.

I can’t say if I would have this on repeat or not. But I am definitely interested on hearing the rest of the record once it drops. Perceived is a great blend of Hard rock and even some heavy metal. Their unique blend of genres make it really hard to place them in one single area. Hopefully they come to Chicago soon!

Rating: 8/10

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