Permafrost - I Challenge The Light of God

Band : Permafrost

Album/EP : I Challenge The Light of God

Genre: Black Metal

Label : Darker Than Black Records

Location : Germany

FFO : Watain, Burzum, 

It’s definitely out of my comfort zone. I don’t listen to black metal, besides Behemoth and Dimmu Borgir. But this definitely catches my ear. The production is something that I'm not used to. Its gritty, its raw, but it does add a sense of evil behind the music. I feel like their shining element is how they can place the listener in the deep dark word of Germany. The ambience of the record, at lest for me, takes the listener on a journey of cold dark evil.

The songs have no structure. They are just fast traditional black metal tracks. Even though most typical Black Metal songs are fast, they all, including this one, flow pretty well. There were no real sudden tempo changes. The narrative behind this record is plain and simple. Its about challenging the one they call god. 

I will definitely listen to this record a lot more. Like I mentioned before, im not a huge fan of black metal. But for some reason this clicks with me. My favorite part is just how fast it all is. they waste no time diving right into the blasphemy. My least favorite would be the production. I would love to hear the record remixed/remastered. BUT on the other hand, I feel like if it didn’t sound like this, the point behind the record would get lost. So kudos to Permafrost for making a record like this.

Overall, I can get behind this record. Its got just about everything that a black metal fan would want. Its got some fast blast beats. It has the traditional shrieks that most black metal bands have. Its just a good record. So if your a fan of anything black metal, I Challenge The Light of God by Permafrost is a record you’ll need to have.

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Lord of The Apocalypse

I can’t find any links as to where to preorder this. Once I do I will plug them here. 

So for now, check out their Facebook:

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