Phantoms & Pestilence - Self Titled EP

Band: Phantoms & Pestilence

Album/EP: Phantoms & Pestilence

Genre: Hard Rock/Ambient

Label: N/A

Location: Elgin, Illinois

FFO: Deftones, Incubus

The production and mix on this, for being a low budget/self-made EP, is surprisingly good. You can hear every note pretty decent. The drums are a tiny bit quieter than id like. But it helps add to the ambience of the whole thing. I feel like their shining element, is they pull off an old school Deftones vibe. They have groove in their music. You can also hear/feel the emotion.

The song structures are very easy on the ears. They have typical chorus/verse arrangements. That’s a nice change from the death metal I usually listen to. I don’t know much of a narrative or theme. But I do know that everything flows well. They are average lengths songs with emotions that run deep.

If im just looking to chill out and listen to some lighter music, but still keep it kind of heavy, then Phantoms is definitely the way to go. My favorite part is definitely how they can keep it heavy, but they are so peaceful in their writing. This is the first ive heard actual tracks, but I have seen them live locally. They have an energy that the whole room is guaranteed to feel. I hope that in the future they can get into a bigger studio to record.

Overall, it’s a pretty decent EP. It’s easy on the ears, while still keeping a beautiful heaviness. If you are looking for some new music to jam while on a long drive, then Phantoms & Pestilence is definitely for you.

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: New King

Follow their facebook page to find out how to get these tracks for yourself:

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