Portals - Desolation

Band : Portals

Album/EP : Desolation

Genre: Beatdown/Deathcore

Label : N/A

Location : Illinois

FFO : Traitors, Bodysnatcher. Black Tongue

For this album being done all in house, its fantastic. James (guitar) produced everything, though the guitars were re-amped by their bassist Scott. What ever James did during recording, he definitely brought out a very dark tone. It definitely feels like the end of the world/ mass death. Their shining element is how insanely professional everything sounds. The mix is fantastic as well. Every instrument is mixed at a level where it all blends perfectly. 

The songs don’t have a specific structure. Its pretty straight forward beatdown/deathcore music. Just some heavy riffs followed by heavier breakdowns. All the tracks may have a slower tempo, but to me, that makes them blend perfectly. The first two tracks blend so well, that they seem like one long track. That is something I’m a huge fan of. The entire album theme is exactly what you think, desolation. The complete state of emptiness/ destruction. Which is exactly what these guys bring live.

It will definitely be replayed often. Not just because they are my friends, but because my friends make good music. My favorite part of the album, is James’s guitar tones. They are so disgustingly low, I don’t think I’ve ever heard guitars that low. I don’t really have a least favorite part. I tried to find something, but I just couldn’t. Compared to their previous single, God Complex ft Duncan Bentley (Vulvodynia), they stepped up their production. They sound cleaner, heavier, and you can clearly tell they have grown as musicians.

Overall, this record goes hard. Its got the sound that all Portals fans will love. It also has some tiny little aspects that show their signs of expanding. They are a decent size band from the Chicagoland area, and they are only getting bigger. If you’re a fan of pure heaviness, Desolation is in your future.

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: Persistence




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