Possessed - Revelations of Oblivion

Band : Possessed

Album/EP : Revelations of Oblivion

Genre: Thrash/Death Metal

Label : Nuclear Blast

Location : San Francisco, California

FFO : Death Angel, Exodus, Pestilence

The production for this record is one of the best I’ve ever heard for a thrash/death metal record. Its fast and has riffs that I feel like I’ve never heard anything similar. Its a truly invigorating record for Possessed. The aspect I feel that is the shining element, is how smooth everything sounds. You can tell these guys have all been around for a long time. It definitely shows with their song arrangements. The mix is fantastic as well. No aspect is louder than the other. It all is set right where it should be.

All the songs flow exactly as thrash metal records do. Its just a giant collection of songs that are guaranteed to get the crowd moving. The narrative, from what I gather, has to do with everything blasphemous. With a name like Possessed, its kind of easy to guess what they could write about. 

Ive had this album on repeat since I received it. Its a phenomenal record. The lyrical content goes along with the themes of the songs. My favorite part is definitely the speed of the tracks. If they slow down, its definitely not for long. I can’t find anything to complain about. Its my first time ever hearing this band, and im absolutely honored to write a review of it. Compared to their last record (The Eyes of Horror- EP), its definitely a step up. The production/mix is much better. But then again, The Eyes of Horror was released back in the 80’s. So the technology back then doesn’t compare to what we have now. 

Overall, im a fan of this record. Its got that old school thrash sound, but with a modern updated twist. Its full of face melting riffs, and some super sweet drum fills. If you are a fan of old school death metal, theses guys invented it. Possessed is back with ‘Revelations of Oblivion. 

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: No More Room In Hell



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