Post Mortal Possession - Catacombs of Bedlam

Band : Post Mortal Possession

Album/EP : Catacombs of Bedlam

Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Label : Lord of the SIck Recordings

Location : Pittsburgh, PA

FFO : Visceral Disgorge, Pathology, Devourment

Its an honor when a band comes back to us for a review. I’ve seen some hype on this record and when Jake hit me up, I couldn’t say no. The production on this record is fucking solid for a brutal death metal band. Everything is super crisp and easy to hear. Yes, even the lyrics. Something like that is actually pretty hard to find in the genre. I feel that most BDM bands stick to the cruncy/grimey tones. So for a band like Post Mortal Possession to be this brutal, but sound this clean, is beautiful. There are a couple things that stick out to me. One, the riffs are utterly disgusting. There’s a couple small grooves in the track “Gates of Lyssa”. But then there are the slams. If you are unfamiliar with the genre, Slams consist of three things. 1. Guitar riffs so low and slow it brings out the primal caveman stank face 2. Drum beats to match thing 1 3. Vocals that sound like a flushing toilet, that matches the speed of thing one and two

I think the mix on this record was absolutely perfect. Every instrument is at the right level. In a lot of the genre, the drums seem to kind of wash out the other instruments. Sometimes the vocals are mixed just a hair too low. But I feel this is their absolute perfect sound.

The whole album flows almost seamlessly. Each track definitely leads into the next. Like, if you skipped around tracks, it would all sound out of place. Most BDM is fast as fuck or slower than shit. PMP have a perfect balance to make sure this album is enough to catch the listeners ear. Im not too sure on a narrative. Since you can’t really understand the vocals, it makes it hard to tell what he is growling about.

I definitely plan on playing this record more. Its just the right balance of Death Metal and Slam that I like to listen to. Plus, I think it’ll aggravate people at work. So that is always a plus. My favorite part of the record is definitely the combo of genres. On one hand, you have the medium-fast paced death metal. Which is full of thunderous drums and complex riffs. Then you have the low and slow aspect of Slam. The vocals sound like a drain that is finally unclogging. So ya know, its perfect. I can’t really find anything to complain about this time around.

Compared to their last record “Perpetual Descent”, a couple things have definitely changed. The mix/production got just a hair more solid. The riffs are a tiny bit more complex. But the main thing, I feel the bands overall songwriting has improved. A lot of bands in this genre write music just for the sake of it. Which isn’t band, just it doesn’t always work. Post Mortal Possession has put some thought and effort (maybe prayers?) In to this.

Overall, im super stoked on this. I haven’t been into the genre as much lately. I tend to stick to the same deathcore records that have come out in the past few months. But this record is absolutely flawless and deserves a spot in your current rotation. Its a perfect Brutal Death Metal record packed full of Slams and complex riffs. I know Jake mentioned when we talked about their last record, that they are trying hard to set themselves apart in the genre. Catacombs of Bedlam will definitely bring in new fans, and still please the old ones. Fantastic Job Guys

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: Lobotomizing The God Particle

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