Post Mortal Possession - Perpetual Descent

Band : Post Mortal Possession

Album/EP : Perpetual Descent

Genre: Death Metal

Label : Lord of the Sick Recordings

Location : Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

FFO : Pathology, Devourment, Disentomb

The production is pretty on par with the usual Slamming Death Metal. One thing I can definitely applaud for, is SUPER crisp. You can hear every note of every instrument, every breath the vocalist takes in between sentences. At first, I was a little turned off by the vocals, but as I listened on, it turned to being impressed. He’s actually got killer range. One thing that I think is their shining element, is how they sound like and old school slam band. Almost like an old Devourment.

The song structures don’t really have much of a structure. Like, no real chorus/verse and so on. But that seems to be common amongst the genre. Despite not having a very recognizable structure, the songs flow very well. I cant tell if there is a theme amongst the album. I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of blood and gore involved though.

I definitely can see myself replaying this once in a while. It’s got some killer riffs, and sometimes you are just in the mood for blast beats and toilet bowl noise vocals. As for the lyrical content, I’m sure it has to do with death, blood, and stuff along all that. Like I said, that type of content is very common amongst the genre. My favorite part of the album is the pig squeal/ toilet bowl vocals. The metal community is in the need of a good Bree. My least favorite, and this is just personally, is i wish there was a tiny bit of annunciation. Like just enough to kid of make out what he’s saying. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying this heavy record.

Honestly, its not a terrible record. If you are a fan of some super sick toilet bowl vocals and some heavy guitar riffs. This band should most definitely be on your watch. I hope to see these guys live some day soon.

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Ingesting Sewage

Pick up “ Perpetual Descent” here:

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