Powderhead - "Smash My Face" (Single)

Band :             Powderhead

Album/EP :    TBD

Genre:            Hard Rock

Label :            N/A

Location :       Cambridge, UK

FFO :              Dorothy, Halestorm, The Pretty Reckless

Described on their website by Black Phoenix Metal Forum as “Hard rockers that power up and smash you straight in the face" make the title of Powderhead’s latest single from their upcoming new album very fitting.  “Smash My Face” is a great tune, sure to make your ear drums happy each time you listen to it.  

For being an unsigned band, the production quality and mix were impressive.

The shining element of the single is definitely when the chorus comes in and truly does “Smash [Your] Face” with a bit more aggressive sound than the verses. Upon first listening to the song, I had fully expected there to be more of a hard-hitting rock sound to it, so when the chorus began is when I first felt that expectation was fulfilled.

The song structure of “Smash My Face” is unique to me in that it alternates between a low and slow sound during the verses and a faster grittier sound in the choruses.

According to Powderhead on the YouTube page for the accompanying lyric video for the song, “An expression of individuality can often be overshadowed by assumed social hierarchy. “Smash My Face” is a cry of frustration and a call for change.” While that may be a deeper meaning of the song, on the surface I interpret the lyrics as referencing a friendship that has dissolved, or a falling out between friends.

The song definitely has some level of replay value, along with the other single that the band has released so far, “Shotgun Riders”. 

Compared to the band’s previous EP and album releases, consisting of their self-titled debut EP released in 2016, limited edition EP 'Toxicate' released in 2017, and their debut album ‘Don't Let Them Win’ released in April 2018, “Shotgun Riders” and “Smash My Face” indicate that this upcoming album is sure to have a more full and mature sound to it. I look forward to hearing what the rest of the album sounds like.

If you have never listened to Powderhead before, check them out!  They are a band worth following.

Star Rating 8/10

https://open.spotify.com/artist/17ZAXeF76LmGNXIAFRuBIH?si=_gdWj6DrRJqPBBQs4ndmWA  https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/powderhead/1119591365

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