Pulchra Morte - Divina Autem Et Anile

Band: Pulchra Morte

Album: Divina Autem Et Aniles

Genre: Death/Doom

Label: Ceremonial Records

Location: United States

FFO: Behemoth, Amon Amarth, Abysmal Dawn

     Like I said earlier, I am not the biggest death metal fan so I will admit I went into this review feeling very weary. But after listening to it I realized that this was made by some very talented musicians. Produced by Jarret Pritchard (1349, Goatwhore, Wolvhammer) in Orlando, Florida; he really captures that early 90s death/doom sound well. Fitting that they recorded this album in Florida. The music just grabs your attention and transports you to this very dark and distraught place. The drums have a very nice pace and sound clear. Not sitting on the blast beat like a lot of death metal bands tend to do And to be honest it would have sounded misplaced with the music. Which tries to keep that slower paced doom sound throughout. The guitars have that same sound and don't shy away from it. Very catchy melodies and pounding riffs. Producer Jarret Pritchard lends his hand on this one with his guitar play. Bass is bass. It really did not stand out on this release. It gets drowned out by the rest of the music. Unfortunate but it happens.

Now the vocals are what really tie this production together. Jason Barron is able to deliver this incredible low throughout the album that fits so perfectly with the music. A low that is very easy to hear and understand, which I appreciated greatly. You were able to hear the very dark lyrics. Makes you feel like your falling into hell if you ask me.

     At times most of this album kind of molds together. Could hear some repetition in a few songs. But they did not rely on it. The opening track "Give No More" starts it off and gets you into this death/doom state. An incredibly catch riff solidifies the song lets you know what your in for. Followed up by another banger with "Black Ritual" which really gave me thrashy chill with the riff. For the first 3 songs this album keeps banging along until you hit "Ignis Et Tempestas" and wow do you hit a wall. But in a good way if you ask me. A straight instrumental with cellos that are able to keep that sound going. Very slow paced and doomy. Kind of a breath of fresh air at that point in the album. But then it picks back up for the rest of the album. Even brings in a second instrumental with "IX". No cellos here but still stupidly good. The real shining point on this album is the last song "When Legends Die". Just brings it all together and finishes strong.

     I went into this listening thinking I was not going to like it and boy was I wrong. Makes me think would have I been missing out on. But I highly highly highly suggest giving this album a listen to. It is able if really nail that old school 90s sound. Wether you're a fan of the genre or not I can guarantee you will like this one. Pulchra Morte are on the cusp of releasing one of the greats of 2019 when it drops on the 1st of February. Do not miss out on this one.

Rating: 9/10

Stongest song: When Legends Die



By Joe Sigfred

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