Pyrexia - Unholy Requiem

Band : Pyrexia

Album/EP : Unholy Requiem

Genre: Death Metal

Label : Unique Leader Records

Location : New York

FFO : Dying Fetus, Internal Bleeding, Suffocation

The production/mix on this record definitely sounds like an early 90s death metal album. Almost like “Effigy of The Forgotten” by Suffocation. Ive recently been appreciating the old school death metal records a lot more. So this is definitely pretty sweet. Granted these guys have been around since then. So call it a returning to the roots type of album. I feel like their shining element on this record, is how each song sounds different. But they still have a common brutal tone. It’s fantastic. Ive definitely caught my self bobbing my head while typing this.

The song structures definitely feel like old school death metal. There aren’t really any chorus or verses. It’s just fast, in your face, and brutal. With track names such as “The Fall of Eden” and “Unholy Requiem”, I’m pretty positive the theme has to do with religion. I feel like that’s a pretty common thing with death metal. Each track flows well. The natural speed of the songs makes the time go by quick.

I will definitely be listening to this album more upon release. It has everything a death metal album should. They have bludgeoning riffs, fast blast beats, and the common death growl. My favorite part is definitely how nostalgic it feels. I really feel like they captured the old school sound with all this new fancy technology. But they managed to keep things fresh. Compared to their last studio release “Feast of Iniquity”, this album has more of a classic feel. The last album seemed to have more production behind. So for “Unholy Requiem” to return to the roots, is not what I expected, but is super nice.

So to be honest, I’ve never heard of Pyrexia up until recently. I’m sad that I didn’t know of them. Did a little bit of research and I see they came up during the early death metal prime. So these guys have a little bit of veteran status behind them. I enjoyed this record a lot. It’s a pretty good one. I may be used to modern production, but classic death metal will always hold a special place.

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: Unholy Requiem

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