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Resuscitate - Children of The Vault II

Band: Resuscitate

EP: Children of The Vault II

Genre: Progressive Death Metal

Label: Jerry Berry Studios

Location: Illinois

FFO: Rivers of Nihil, Born of Osiris, I,Valiance 

As a one man army, Resuscitate has a solid, well put together sound. Production isn’t the best but it’s far better than a lot of other 4 or 5 piece bands I’ve heard. It isn’t so much the quality as it is the mix. Certain aspects such as the piano can be too loud/stand out too much at moments. But after the few listens I gave it, that sort of stuff is hardly noticeable. 

With a name like ‘Children of The Vault’, I’d expect a soundtrack to Fallout. But Evan says it’s actually based off of Borderlands. This EP (⅖) specifically surrounds the events of ‘Promethea’ in Borderlands 3. A game I’m not too experienced with personally but can’t help to be a little more excited to hear a concept album based off of a video game in the first place. My first reaction is to think of Rings of Saturn considering they have based their influences off of the Dead Space franchise. These concept ideas are always a solid move in my mind because it opens the music up for such a huge creative space. Lyrically you can go almost anywhere when you already have a storyline to base it off of or tell in your own words. Musically this thing is a lot of fun too. In only 22 minutes we get a bunch of heavy riffs packed into each song mixed in with a lot of different artistic directions involving piano, solos, horns, some electronic bits, and a wide diversity in vocal style. 

Much like it’s predecessor, there’s a good amount to take in. Except I think pt.2 has even more to offer. I hope that the huge progressive style step that seems to have been taken from pt.1 - 2 continues to only increase moving forward. Pt. 1 seems to be more straight forward in sound which is great, and probably fits the angle he wanted to take with the lyrics too. As for this EP though, the intricacies and nuances give this great replay value. The added characteristics to the deathcore sound are always my favorite to experience. It makes for much better content and “reinvents the wheel” in a way by taking what’s old and bringing more life into it.

Resuscitate is embarking on a 5 EP streak for 2020 in regards to this Borderlands 3 storyline. With a solid sound and production like this, I see no reason to not be looking forward to pt.3 and beyond. There’s a lot of promise in the talent presented. For a one man band, it’s very impressive to hear an EP that has everything you need in a metal outfit and then some. Evan is without a doubt a multi-talented musician that deserves a listen.

Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Beneath The Meridian

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2PwSw7V7oHrFy44hmgu0JY?si=vwn88vSiT1uCP9xodrBW9w

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/resuscitate/1438192746

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