Revocation - The Outer Ones

Band : Revocation

Album/EP : The Outer Ones

Genre: Death Metal

Label : Metal Blade Records

Location : Boston, Massachusetts

FFO : Obscura, Fallujah, Battlecross

The production on this record is fantastic. One thing the production/mix on this record did, was highlight their epic guitar solos. Sometimes I feel like this get lost behind other instruments or vocal. I feel this album was writing to be more of a darker feel. But it was also written tastefully. They definitely didn’t just layer solos everything. They also didn’t write anything super boring. I feel they wrote a death metal album that is literally just right.

The song structures are a little hard for me to find. But they aren’t super unorganized. They flow super easy on the listeners ears. Some songs, like Of Unworldly Origin, are much faster. But they also layer in some slower ambient parts. It’s like they are a death metal band, but I almost feel like there is a jazz influence in there. I couldn’t tell what a theme was, if their even was a concept behind the record. I personally get something about an unworldly spiritual being. Not god, not the devil, but like a neutral being. Maybe even a battle between both. I’m probably also wrong, and it wont be the first time.

I haven’t been into this band in awhile. Not because I don’t like them, I have kept up on them. I just haven’t found the time to constantly listen to their stuff. But this album will definitely be on repeat more. It’s super good, it does have what sounds like their most death metal tone. But its also got their usual technical aspect to it. Compared to their last record, Great Is Our Sin, I feel like the production on this record is much cleaner. Everything seemed to return to the death metal roots.

Overall, I enjoyed this record. It’s got just about everything I would look for in a death metal record. There is no overly flashy guitar solos. The vocals have a wide range, but settle around the mid range growls. The drums are also very heavy but easy to follow. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who is a fan of death metal in general.

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Of Unworldly Origin

Be sure to grab your copy here on September 28th:



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