Rings of Saturn - Gidim

Band : Rings of Saturn

Album/EP : Gidim

Genre: Technical Deathcore

Label : Nuclear Blast

Location : Austin Texas

FFO : Aversions Crown, Infant Annihilator, Enterprise Earth

When you think of Deathcore, you probably tend to think of caveman riffs and neck shattering breakdowns. Rings of Saturn pushes the boundaries of Deathcore by adding a hint of technicality. The production is very solid. The placements of subtle back tracks is pretty smart and adds a bit of the extraterrestrial ambiance they are known for. One thing that stands out on the album is that it’s not completely technical as usual. It shows that they are maturing and branching out. Don’t get me wrong, the solos are technical as fuck. But it’s not just a ton of noodling around on the guitar. The mix is very good as well. Sometimes the Djent type tones of the guitars drown out the drums. I also can’t always hear the cymbals, which I feel does take away from the experience a bit. 

Structurally, this is their best album. I don’t notice any chorus/verse arrangements. But as I mentioned before, Gidim isn’t all technicality. There’s a bit of Deathcore with the break downs. There is some technical death metal. There is also some Djent/progressive death core mixed in. Despite the lack of structure, the tracks flow well. They are fast and utterly relentless, just like they usually are. 

I’m not sure about a theme. If Gidim is anything like their past music, it’s probably centered around some kind of alien shit, which I think is great. I feel that not many bands experiment with topics like that. Rings of Saturn is definitely one of the leading bands on that topic. 

Replay value is something everyone looks for in a record. Are the songs catchy? Do they invoke emotions every time you listen? At least that’s what I look for. If you’ve been a fan of RoS, you’ll definitely keep this on repeat. While I respect this band, Gidim just isn’t 100% for me. Am I going to keep listening to it, in hopes that it’ll change? You bet. You can never tell from first listen. 

My favorite part about the record is the vocals during the break downs. I feel Ian’s vocals have slightly evolved. That’s something I look forward to on each record as well: evolution. My least favorite part is how sometimes the drums get somewhat washed out. I can’t always hear the cymbals or the rack toms. The guitar and bass are sometimes too high and drown them out. Am I saying I could do better? Oh hell no. its just something I noticed. I could be wrong, it might sound good for other people.

Now compared to the last album Ultu Ulla, not too much has changed. The production and mix is still about the same. I also feel like the last record has a bit more technicality to it. I’m more of a fan of structured technicality. Now in Ultra Ulla, the breakdowns are definitely a bit heavier, which is something I also enjoy. 

Overall, Gidim is still a solid effort for Rings of Saturn. In my opinion, this record is neither a step forward or a step backward. Is that bad? No, not at all. They have their sound, so why change it? The band is fantastic at combining out of this world themes into technical Deathcore. Gidim is packed full of blazing solos and some super thicc breakdowns. If you have been a fan of this band, you will enjoy Gidim

Star Rating: 8/10

Strongest Song: Mental Prolapse



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