Royal Republic - Club Majesty

Band: Royal Republic

Album: Club Majesty

Genre: Rock

Label: Arising Empire/Nuclear Blast Records

Location: Sweden

FFO: Franz Ferdinand, Devo, Muse

Hailing from Sweden is rock band, Royal Republic, that captures the essence of a shag-carpeted limo cruising to a disco night club on their latest release of Club Majesty. Releasing on May 31 via Arising Empire (Nuclear Blast Records), Club Majesty has groovy, Devo-approved feel with a little mix of alternative. The mix is clean and really allows room the vocals to fill the track without overtaking. What listeners are really going to enjoy is the variety across the songs. There are hints of rockabilly, funk, alt rock, and I even heat a little bit of western coming through.

At 11 tracks long, Royal Republic keeps it paced and flowing throughout the entire album. Most of the tracks fell around 2-3 minutes, so there isn’t much to slow it down. Disco is a huge theme throughout the album with tracks like “Fireman & Dancer” and (obviously) “Can’t Fight the Disco.” It is upbeat and reminds me of the sound track to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Club Majesty is much different than the other alt-rock releases dropping right now. These guys are your fur jacket, chain-wearing rockers with a gentlemen’s club suave. And you can hear that echo throughout the album. To go along with that ethos, there is even a little Magnum PI vibes hidden in one of the tracks.

At first listen, I’m going to be honest, I really wasn’t a fan. I started looking into some of their older releases and actually did some research that changed my mind. It is much different than what I personally listen to, but I do think that it is a “fun” album with fine-tuned production, which is something that I appreciate a lot. The track that really changed my mind on these guys was “Anna-Leigh.” It feels a little more alt than the other tracks, but still has groovy club vibe. The vocals are on par and has a catchy riff that isn’t too commercial. Royal Republic is pretty consistent with putting out crafted albums that showcase their different sounds.

In a time of washed out indie and alt-rock designed for mass radio play, the world needs something to shake up the genre. Royal Republic’s Club Majesty is a fresh release with vocals, riffs, and style. It is different in a good way and definitely deserves a listen from an open ear.

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: “Anna-Leigh”

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