Sallow Moth - The Larval Hope

Band: Sallow Moth

Album: The Larval Hope

Genre: Death Metal

Label: Dead Red Queen Records

Location: Dallas, Texas

FFO: Convulsing, Teeth, Nephylim

As a one man project, Sallow Moth is rather impressive in that regard, especially production wise. There are whole bands that can't quite produce a sound as good as this. Not to give off the impression it’s incredible - just better than other death metal I’ve heard. I understand people appreciate a bad production because “it fits the vibe” but I’m not on board with that idea. I want a good sound. Doesn’t have to be crystal clear, but at least listenable. Garry pulls that off well by having decent sound quality along with having the dirtiness of an imperfect production. 

The theme to this album is rather chaotic and different, so I’ll refer you to the bio to this review where I quote the creator himself talking about the ideas that lead up to the final product. With that being said, sticking to the music side of things, not too much to highlight. Nothing I haven’t heard before. However, even with nothing flashy or new in the instrumentals, Garry manages to keep things interesting. Quick switch ups, tempo changes, and little quirks along the way such as bass lines that stand out for a moment and voice inflections. There are certain instrumental breaks too like in ‘Noxious Revival’ that I really dig. Other than that, it’s the regular meat and potatoes you’re used to. Not that it’s bad, just up to par. 

I’m not even going to try to understand the lyrical theme going on here. It really does just seem to revolve around moths and other bugs and whatnot while humanity is dying or something. I don’t know what the hell is going on. Definitely unique though which is always great to see. Usually I find with music, the instrumentals can be cool then the lyrics drag it down by being too cliche or typical. For this album, it’s the other way around. Pretty average instrumentals, but interesting to say the least, lyrics. Production on the EP is about the same but I would say the writing is actually just a touch more creative on the EP. Lyrical theme is obviously similar. A decent sized gripe I have about this LP is the ending to it. The whole record almost sets you up to expect some sort of bigger, explosive ending. But instead it’s just 3 minutes straight of very slow and boring instrumentals. It’s at this moment only I felt time set in and I had to check how much longer was left in the song. A disappointing ending to say the least to an already pretty standard album. Needless to say if I go back to this album, it won’t be for a front to back listen. 

Outside of the creative theme, ‘The Larval Hope’ doesn’t have much going for it in the realm of unique or ability to stand out. It offers an average death metal experience that I think a fan of the genre could get into, just not be impressed. As a one man project, it’s great on him to be able to put this together at least and not have it be terrible. A unique concept should be met with inventive music. I hope Sallow Moth strives more towards that in future endeavors.

Rating: 6/10

Strongest Song: Ancient Grudge


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