Samskaras - Lithification

Band : Samskaras

Album/EP : Lithification

Genre: Metal

Label : Self Released

Location : Montreal, Quebec, Canada

FFO : Despised Icon, Anaal Nathrakh, Cryptopsy 

Honestly, when I went into this review, I wasn’t expecting to like it. Boy was I in for a surprise. The production on this record is pretty good. I really like how clear everything is. No instrument outshines anything else. I feel like the shining element here, is how heavy the guitars sound. But at the exact same time, they have a sweet ambience to them. The mix is perfect for this album.

The song structure are pretty simple. It’s not pure chaos like I thought it would end up being. They flow very fast, very in your face. They waste no time getting right to the point. The album is about the struggles between anger and self control. Eric Burnet (Vocals, Guitar, Bass) had this to say about the record. “It’s direct and vicious, but also intensely emotional”.

I definitely plan on playing this more often. I can feel the anger behind the music, and that’s something I can relate to. It may be angry, but it’s also beautiful at the exact same time. My favorite part of the album, is how brutal the instruments are. They are heavy, fast, and are exactly what the band needs. My least favorite part might be the vocals. I personally think lower vocals would fit the instruments better. But they are doing what they like. Which is something I can get behind.

Overall, I am pleasantly surprised by this album. When I hear bands I’ve never heard before, I don’t expect to like them much. But after listening to this collection of tracks, I definitely wish I have heard of them before. If you are a fan of fast music, and sheer brutality, with a touch of beauty. Then ‘Lithification’ will fight right in your playlist.

Star Rating: 9.5/10

Strongest Song: À Deux Mains

You can get the record here:


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