Scarecrow - Vol 1/Nosferatu

Band : Scarecrow

Album/EP : Scarecrow (Vol 1)/Nosferatu

Genre: Rock

Label : N/A

Location : Russia

FFO : Ghost, King Diamond, Led Zeppelin

First things first, the production is terrible. But there is definitely room for improvement. The guitar/bass is on point, no issues there. My issues are the vocals and drums are where my concerns are. Some of the cymbal and tom hits are a little quiet. I mean, if you really listen, you can tell they are there. They could have been bumped up a little bit in the mix. The vocals, to me, are a little high. Now I also understand that it could just be the vocalist. His vocals are very reminiscent of King Diamond. Honestly, that’s hard for me to get into. Those were my only issues really. The arrangements are great, and there are some head bobbing catchy riffs. To me, I feel like if they hone their craft, Scarecrow could open up a Ghost/King Diamond world tour, and do very well for themselves. That’s what seems to be their best quality.

The tracks are generally a little on the slower side. Not as slow as doom metal, but slow enough to create a slightly erie vibe. Every once in a while, they kick the speed up with a thrash like beat. So to see they kind of mix a couple genres is nice. Im not too terribly sure on a theme. But I can imagine its something dark and depressing. At least that’s what the vibe I get is off this release. 

Now, like I said, this music honestly isn’t for me personally. But if you’re a fan of of Ghost, King Diamond, or Led Zeppelin, you will find replay value here. My favorite part is definitely the combination of slower speeds and some slight hard rock and even thrash influences. Scarecrow is very much old school horror movie influenced. Which is something I can appreciate. The only thing I didn’t like was the vocals. Not that they are bad, by any means. It takes a ton of talent and practice to be able to sing that high. Its just personally not for me. 

Now as I mentioned before, the only issues I really had were the mix levels. I feel that if they just improve the mix quality, and maybe even experiment with vocal pitches a bit, that could help them move forward as a band. As I keep listening, trying to get a better feel, I came across the track “Madman”. Boy, let me tell you, that track is massive. The orchestral composition in the background is a fantastic touch. If they can tap into that more, that will create a huge live show for them. 

Even though Scarecrow might not be my first pick, I totally respect their choice of musical direction. The music scene overall, is oversaturated with Death Metal, Death Core, and Technical Metal. So to see another band try and bring this type of genre back to life, is actually quite refreshing. Scarecrow is a mixture of Hard rock with Horror movie vibes sprinkled in. The high vocals and slower tempo drums/guitars help create a vibe of evil. Scarecrow are on a good direction for them, and I really hope they do not stop.

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Madman

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