Septa - Bitten By The Serpent of The Kingdom of The Spirit

Band : Septa

Album/EP : Bitten By The Serpent of The Kingdom of The Spirit

Genre: Progressive Metal

Label : Venona Records

Location : Ukraine

FFO : Devin Townsend, Tool, Opeth

What stands out first to me, is the clarity of the vocals. I honestly wasn’t expecting clean vocals at all. But the vocalist can do some harsher vocals. So I love the talent. The production the record is super heavy. Its absolutely filled with some super catchy grooves. The grooves remind me of Opeth. That band has mastered groove. The mix is outstanding as well. There is a couple moments where the cymbals get drowned out but the guitar/bass tone. But its not all the time, or too much.

I feel what shines the most is their utilization of multiple genres. They are still super heavy, but combine some death metal influences with the progressive notes like Devin Townsend. To me, if all three bands in the FFO above toured together, Septa should be the opener. They have a massive sound like those bands, and they should be more known in the progressive community.

Now, personally to me, I feel like this album sounds like a collection of tracks. They don’t seem to blend together like most concept albums do. I do know there is a story behind this record, its just not presented in the usual way. Which is totally okay. Not every record has to be a cookie cutter. Despite all this, the songs overall did flow pretty well. There are a couple points where the switch the tempo suddenly. But things like that just keep the listener on their toes.

As for replay value, that’s where I’m torn. It will be in my library for sure. Because I can’t always listen to Death Metal and Slam. But its not something ill listen to constantly. I’m not huge into the progressive metal genre much anymore. Is this record bad? Not at all. There are some amazing parts that I vibe with. Just because you don’t fully vibe with a record, doesn’t immediately make it a bad one. I respect this band a lot.

So compared to their last record, Sounds Like Murder, a couple things have changed. The opening track on SLM has a chill electronic vibe layered with some atmospheric chanting. Its dark, evil, and caught my attention. The only other thing that changed a little is the mix. The Drums on SLM were a little hard to hear, or they were all you heard. There wasn’t much in the middle. So to heard that the mix on this new one, is a great sign. Otherwise, they kept their same formula, because it works for them.

Overall, even though I might not always spin this record, its still a great record. Its got a chill, but yet heavy vibe. Which at certain times, I don’t mind that. Septa has begun to master the catchy groove layered with heaviness. Which I think will take them far in the progressive community. Great job lads. 

Star Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Golem/1915

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