Sepultura - Quadra

Band: Sepultura

Album: Quadra

Genre: Groove/Thrash Metal

Label: Nuclear Blast

Location: Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil

FFO: Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy, Testament

Sepultura stays consistent with album releases. Good ones at that. It has been a few years now since their last LP, so they are right on queue. Another beefy beast of an album coming in at over 50 minutes. ‘Quadra’ opens with a song called ‘Isolation’, which starts as eerie noises and pounding that sound like it’s coming from a floor tom. The introduction alone showcases the big, full sound they have achieved production wise. This transfers to the bustling riffs soon to follow. For all the sounds they threw into this album, it is all mixed in very well, including when these unique sounds carry on throughout verses and choruses. There’s nothing I love more about my metal when it sounds full and detailed. If I can get thrown into a sound, or better yet, a sound is thrown into me, I’m immediately going to pay attention and pick out all the parts I can hear. Sepultura, more specifically this album, is great for that. 

Between topics of addiction, loss of hope, and politics, this is an anger filled album. This is another case of nothing too original in regards to topics, but lyrically creative. Even more creative though is the instrumentals. Songs like ‘Capital Enslavement’ having bongos and chanting give the music much more character. Along with ‘Guardians of Earth’ and title track ‘Quadra’ beginning with acoustic picking. These things aren’t something you normally, if ever, hear in a metal/thrash record. Even with these unique elements though, my favorite track is ‘Agony of Defeat’. It’s a very big sounding song packed with different types of segments. There’s singing, solo work, the drums in the end are just going off. And it all surrounds a catchy chorus. Not to mention Emmily Baretto as a feature here sounds great. The song ends in a classic way, one piano note to silence everything and dissipate. I actually think it would make a better ending song if they had switched around this one and ‘Fear;Pain;Chaos;Suffering’. 

I’ve listened to Quadra quite a few times now, I lost count. Since there are those different sounds and elements involved, I tend to catch onto something new each time. Often it will be something in the background behind the guitars. And that’s always a fun thing to have going on with your record. The powerful lyrics are the icing on the musical cake. Again, not the most original topics, but you can’t help when lines like “Fight for it, lie for it. Even try to kill for it. Never stop, pay the price. Even after death.” from Capital Enslavement get the blood pumping. I don’t see why anyone would have a problem turning on this album from the beginning to end every day for the first while it’s out. If you’re someone who hasn’t visited Sepultura in a while, now is the time. I would put this album up there with ‘Chaos A.D.’ and ‘Arise’. Not in comparison but in likeability when it comes down to consistency and instrumentals. 

It’s amazing that Sepultura has managed to stay relatively original and can still make these long, fantastic albums in 2020. There are certainly other bands that can learn a thing or two from them cough metallica. To my ears, there is nothing wrong with this album. At its core with production, the surrounding layers of talent and at times, innovation. Quadra is one for the books.

Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: Agony of Defeat 


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