Signs of Omnicide - Skinned and Fucked (INGESTED cover)

Band : Signs of Omnicide

Single: Skinned and Fucked (Ingested cover)

Genre: Deathcore/Slam

Label : Inherited Suffering Records

Location : Brownsville, Texas

FFO : Ingested, Organectomy

My good buddies in Signs of Omnicide told me they had a special cover coming. I got an email and the hammer dropped. I knew it was an Ingested cover, but didn’t know it was such a classic.

The production is fantastic for being something they recorded all by themselves. The mix is perfect, and they definitely didn’t miss a beat. The song structure, the lyrical content, is all lead to a perfect choice for a Signs of Omnicide cover. They captured the classic heavy tones of the song, but you can tell they added their own flair to it. That is what a cover is all about. You pay homage to the original, but find a way to make it your own.

It’s definitely a song that will get thrown in the mix. If you haven’t heard them before you are totally missing out. The cover will be released via Slam Worldwide on August 12. Be sure to pick up their album ‘Era of Omniscience’ on iTunes and Spotify.

Star Rating: 10/10

Get ‘Era of Omniscience’ here:



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