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Snakeblade - The Kingdom

Band: Snakeblade

Album: The Kingdom

Genre: Black Metal

Location: Canada

FFO: Mortal, Skeletonwitch, Death

Snakeblade is a one man Black Metal project that began out of inspiration (and maybe some boredom) during the Covid epidemic. For a one man show, he clearly knew a little something about not only playing his instruments, but also production. Whether he did it himself or went to a studio and had someone else do it, I’m glad it came out sounding solid instead of certain black metal that seems like it was recorded in a tin can. There’s real density, bass, and tangible grooviness within the mix. I’m not the biggest fan of black metal but this guy certainly caught my attention with this rather shooter project.

‘The Kingdom’ is a lot of things. It’s rhythmic, aggressive, fast, and pretty damn good for being what it is. It has the classic black metal riffs and blasts you’d expect, but he brings a couple different nuances I haven’t heard in this genre. A good example of this is the song ‘The Nine’. It’s a slower song but keeps up the energy at the same time. As well as the song ‘To The Pits With The Balrog’ which features a punk/hardcore influence to the sound and a solo straight out of what could fit into a thrash song. Like I said, this album is a lot of things. There’s even a couple breakdowns, one of my favorites being in ‘Vamp, The Impaled’. As for the vocals, they hit the mark of black metal vocals, but are more let loose, which I like a lot. It adds a touch of rawness and an out of control vibe. The lyrics just add even more to the fun of this album. They are based around themes of fantasy, video games, and movies such as Lord of The Rings. Nerdy, but at least far more original and creative than the usual satanic stuff that tends to come with this sound.

After a few listens, I kept enjoying it more. The only true shame is it isn’t longer, but I can’t complain given the time and circumstances this was created in. I’m gonna be putting this on a couple times a week. To nail down a favorite thing about it wouldn’t be hard, but I would be doing an injustice to all the other things that are featured. So my favorite thing is it’s diversity. It’s black at the core, but so much more on the outside.

‘The Kingdom’ isn’t some amazing, groundbreaking album. But I can’t deny the quality for what it is. Decent production, pretty good song writing, and overall just enjoyable especially for being this is a brand new project that started maybe a few months ago. I hope this project doesn’t end just because Covid does. I’m anticipating more, and better music from this dude.

Rating: 8/10

Strongest Song: Vamp, The Impaled

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1NZFW3E4qVkPGT2eEptZGf?si=tNBPuhFWT4WuDnjPdpFytw

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