Soen - Lotus

Band: Soen

Album: Lotus

Genre: Progressive

Label: Silver Lining Music

Location: Sweded

FFP: Opeth, Tool, Perfect Circle

The overall sound is stellar and does miss a step. Produced by David Castillo and Inaki Marconi over a 4 month period, this prog masterpiece has a strong and haunting sound that does not stop. The vocals of Joel Ekelof quickly grab your attention, wether your a fan of clean vocals or not. He is able just transport your mind to a very calm and relaxing state. Similar to a Maynard James Keenan or the cleans of a Mikael Akerfeldt. His vocals just roll along with the music so well. At times haunting but also melodic.The guitars use this very snap-heavy sound throughout. One minute its incredibly melodic and then it hits you with a heavy as balls riff. Something good progressive music does well. You never know what is going to happen next. Melody makes this album and the guitars are the reason for that. The bass fits well and is not overbearing by any means. You can hear them quite well and for any bass players out there this could be a great listen for you.

Now being an Opeth fan, when I heard the great Martin Lopez sits behind the kit for this band I had a mini panic attack. Known for having some of cleanest sounding drums out there, he does not disappoint with his performance on 'Lotus". He is able to hop back and forth between both heavy and melodic in a instant. Each strike of his sticks sounds suburb and makes sense. His double bass just hits you right in the stomach and pounds away until the end of the album. Every aspect of their sound fits together on this album. Nothing that could have been without or added. 

Having to explain the song structure on a progressive album is like trying to teach your cat how to do your taxes. Not possible and don't even try. Each and every song brings that incredibly melodic and heavy sound perfectly. Especially in the first 3 songs. They are able to hit on a bunch of different sounds throughout the album. Like a very death metal esqe riffing in "Rival". Then turn around and put on slowed down proggy masterpiece with "River" Then you have a song like "Covenant" that confuses the mind and you're not sure when to bang your head. Something I found difficult to do while listening to this album. Not in a bad way by any means. I just stuck to a nice heavy head bob. 

Am I picking my album of the year for 2019 already? Not yet but I want to so bad after listening to this album. The last time I was blown away by this kind of progressive sound was the first time I heard Opeth. Soen knows they are good at what they do and they assault your ears from start to finish. The melody, the heavy, it's all here. If you are ready for one hell of a metal trip then I suggest you listen to "Lotus". 

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Strongest song: Covenant

By Joe Sigfred

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