Stillbirth - Annihilation of Mankind

Band : Stillbirth

Album/EP : Annihilation of Mankind

Genre: Death Metal

Label : Unique Leader Records

Location : Hagen, Germany

FFO : Despised Icon, Dying Fetus, Waking The Cadaver

The production on this record is absolutely amazing. No aspect of the album gets washed out by anything else. You can hear the lowest guitar note clearly. I think the shining element here is how they have technical aspect in their songs. But the still keep it heavy with the pig squeals. I miss the “BREE BREE” days. Stillbirth could be one of the bands to help bring it back. The mix is right along with the production. I love every aspect of it.

The song structures aren’t over done. Most of each song is mid range-fast tempo, then followed by a small slamming break down. Each track flows super well. There aren’t a whole lot of sudden tempo changes. The narrative of the album is a simple concept, annihilating man kind.  It’s all about erasing human kind from existence.

If you are just a fan of smelling death metal/deathcore, you’ll find that you want keep this album on repeat. It’s super good. Compared to their previous record “Global Error”, everything got much better. The production was definitely taken up a notch. It’s much clearer, everything sounds much better. The playing of the instruments definitely matured a bit too. My favorite part of the album is how they bring back the BREEEEEE. God, I miss those days.

Overall, I enjoy this record. Them signing to Unique Leader Records was a fantastic move. They got better with their sound and their playing. I certainly hope to see them somewhere in the states soon. I HIGHLY reckoned this album for anyone who is a fan of bludgeoning riffs, heavy drums, and BREEEEE!

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: Torturized, Psychological Manipulation

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