Suffer/Wallow - Self Titled

Band : suffer/wallow

Album/EP : suffer/wallow

Genre: Sludge influenced hardcore

Label : Independent

Location : Glasgow, Scotland

FFO : Russian Circles, Animals As Leaders, Between The Buried And Me

Sleep paralysis is a scary thing. That feeling when you wake up in the middle of the night, and feel an immense weight on your chest holding you down. You cant move, you also cant make a sound. It’s absolutely frightening. Suffer/Wallow are here to explore what it does to a persons mind, and the impact it makes.

The production quality kind of turned me off at first. But after a second listen, it makes sense. One, its their debut EP. Cant expect a new band to make a pristine clear album. Two, not all hardcore influenced albums are crystal clear. Distortion and guitar feedback are a couple of the key sounds you hear in a common HC record. I think a shining element from this is how all members contribute some vocals, yes, even the drummer. The mix seems decent for what the album is trying to convey to the listener.

If you’re familiar with anything hardcore, you know most songs are super quick. They usually last a couple minutes or less. Suffer/Wallow definitely achieves a hardcore sound on their self titled debut. Like I said, most hardcore songs are quick. So their whole EP lasts less than half hour. It moves right along, especially with aa couple instrumental interludes. As I mentioned in the beginning, they sing about sleep paralysis and its effects on the human mind.

There is some replay value here, especially for people who love the type of genre. My favorite part, are definitely the lyrics. They are super heavy, and not super over used. My least favorite might be how they go from hardcore sound to instrumentals. I personally am not huge into it, but I do have an appreciation for it. Their instrumentals are super beautiful.

Now just because I personally am not huge on the record, doesn’t mean I don’t want to see what their future holds. I’d definitely see them live one day if possible. I feel like there is an energy to this band that you could only feel at a intimate show. I do wonder how much they will grow from here, I’d love to see them get a little heavier in the tuning. Maybe even add in some Animals As Leaders type instrumental breaks. Who knows, but I will definitely be keeping an eye on them.

Star Rating: 8/10

Strongest Song: Deadweight

You can get their album here on 8/31/18



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