Suicide Silence - Become The Hunter

Band: Suicide Silence

Album: Become The Hunter

Genre: Deathcore

Label: Nuclear Blast

Location: Riverside, California

FFO: Chelsea Grin, Whitechapel, Thy Art Is Murder

The new Suicide Silence album entitled ‘Becoming The Hunter’ gives me a particular feeling above all others. That feeling is surprise. Not the type of surprise you probably felt when you heard ‘Doris’ for the first time. The type of surprise that makes you say “Wait a minute, this actually isn’t bad”. All 11 songs on this album do at least one thing right, which is keeping it heavy. These songs bring back the sound and tone you may not be used to any more, but do expect out of them. It’s all brought to you through crisp production, but keeps the edge there, giving you a very full sound. Something I appreciate is Eddie’s highs aren’t blown out. There’s bands who don’t pay enough attention to the mix on vocals and let highs get very annoying, very quickly. Not to mention, no more “tee-hee”s.

Becoming The Hunter takes no time to show you what it’s made of. The opening track ‘The Meltdown’ is one big build up and breakdown, no vocals. This track leads into the single ‘Two Steps’. The opening riff keeps the energy full speed ahead with a rhythm you will not easily forget. This song begins the clear theme throughout the album. A narrative of being unstoppable. A very “I don’t give a fuck” vibe, to the point of no remorse for what they have to say or do. Themes of violence and being something beyond human. The lyrics play directly into that with lines like “I need to kill to feel alive” from one of my favorite songs on here called ‘Feel Alive’ or “I want to wear all of your skin and watch while your world ends” from the song “Skin Tight”. Suicide Silence comes at you with what seems like everything they got without over doing it. There is no question why they named this album ‘Becoming The Hunter’.

By the end of my first listen, I instantly wanted to go through it again because it has been too long since we got a good Suicide Silence record. Not only did I want to hear it again, but I also found myself wanting to feel it again. The album carries its weight not through diversity but by being relentless. There is a clear emotion radiating from each song. Almost a spiteful jab within each instrument. Which is something I could understand, considering the endless hate they got from their previous records. It is not easy to portray those kinds of feelings simply through instrumentals. One of my favorite aspects of this album though is Eddie. He sounds very good, especially when there’s wild moments where you can tell he is giving it everything he possibly has. Certainly not like other frontman do after decades of screaming. So what holds this record back? Yes, it is far better than anything they have done in years, but I can’t let that blind me from any flaws. There are riffs that can get a little repetitive, or in other words, not enough switch ups at times. This especially matters when the riffs are possibly the main thing being focussed on, if anything only second to Eddies out of control vocals. I am also not too big of a fan of the song ‘Love Me To Death’. It seems to be the same 30 seconds repeated over and over again. Other than that, I’d only be ‘nitpicking’. Such as I think there could be a couple more solos, since I really enjoy the few breaks they do give us from what seems like non stop hammering away at the low string. The most unique song on here is probably ‘Serene Obscene’. It begins with acoustic picking and strumming on top of a shimmering sound I can’t quite pin down as to the source. This is a very big change of pace considering most songs start off right in your face. Instantly pulling you back in after another song ends. It also features a deep spoken word break before a very cool sounding solo. A song I can appreciate. 

It is clear Suicide Silence finally had a reality check and said to themselves “We have something to prove”. And at this point in their career, they truly did need to. I am confident in saying literally everything has improved since their last record. From the music to the lyrics to the overall ideas presented, Suicide Silence has taken a very big step in the right direction. One could only hope they keep this up moving forward. But even with this record being good, I would not put my full promise into what they might do next. For now though, I will thoroughly be enjoying this for quite some time. 

Rating: 9/10

Strongest Song: Feel Alive, The Scythe


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