• Vince

Suicide Silence Virtual World Tour / 2020

Name of Tour: Virtual World Tour

Artist(s): Suicide Silence

Venue/Location/Date: My laptop / Chicago, IL / Saturday, July 11th


1. Unanswered

2. Disengage

- Break For Clips

3. Meltdown

4. Two Steps

5. You Only Live Once

- Break For Clips

6. Hands of A Killer

7. Wake Up

- Break For Clips

8. Cease To Exist

9. Love Me To Death (chat chosen song)

- Break For Clips

10. Hold Me Up Hold Me Down

Thoughts prior to show: I am writing this before the show begins. Before going into this, I thought this was another livestream a band was doing on Twitch where a bunch of fans could come together and watch. As cool as that is, after watching the video on the virtual tour website, I realized Suicide Silence was doing it different, and better. They scheduled a bunch of livestreams for a bunch of different cities on a bunch of different days so that each city gets their own unique show as if it were in person. So you buy a real ticket, and use that code to get into your show of preference. They apparently are supposed to also be offering exclusive merch as if there was a merch table. Along with skits that I’m assuming will be placed in between songs so the band can rest. Not to mention, a chat room to see everybody's reactions. So needless to say, my expectations have risen very high after learning about this, and I’m excited to see how it goes.

After the show: I have now fully experienced the livestream and they had everything as expected. The merch, the skits, the chat, and most of all, the show. Two things they had that I didn’t know about is the ability to vote on songs, and ask Q&A questions. It was only for 1 song, but they let chat vote on a song they played, which was cool. Along with the ability to submit Q&A questions throughout the whole show for them to then answer after the performance. The Q&A was fun. The band just casually chatted together and answered questions.

Before all that though was the actual show itself. Their stage presence was just like playing live. They were putting their all into playing and seemed to really enjoy themselves. Something I thought was cool is their setup was meant for this livestream, instead of being in a classic concert stance. They were instead in a square shape with the drummer being in the back middle so when the camera did give those wide angle shots, you could see everyone perfectly. But they were still able to walk around to each other and give some usual stage banter/clowning around. Eddie even verbally engaged with the people watching as if it was a real crowd. The camera angles covered everything you needed to see. A few different drum angles, wide angles of the band, and each band member had a camera on them that seemed to be free moving as well. I was constantly getting a different angle and view of the boys playing without things getting disorienting. Any sort of lighting effects weren’t anything special but did just fine.

Sound quality was actually pretty good. Better than what I was expecting. The mix didn’t leave anything too exposed or muddy. Honestly probably the best you could get with the current situation. The skits/clips between the songs were pretty random and short, some gave me a chuckle. But entertaining at the least. The clips I did thoroughly enjoy though were the older documentary clips of the band being on tour with Mitch back in the day. And chat was decently active the entire time and was clearly enjoying the show.

The concert in total was 55 minutes long (including the clips) and the Q&A afterwards was 30 minutes. I do wish they played a little longer since they only got through 10 songs, but for 10 bucks, I can’t complain. Overall experience, of course it’s nothing like actually being in the room, I won’t pretend it is. But what I can say is this was certainly the best livestream concert show I’ve watched. There’s not much other competition but I have seen a few prior to this and they really brought the energy here as if there was a live audience right in front of them.

Strongest Song Performed: Two Steps

Rating: (In the world of streaming concerts) 9/10