Tar - As If We Were Never Here

Band: Tar

Album: As If We Were Never Here

Genre: Metal

Label: Unsigned

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

FFO: Norma jean, Night Verses, Every Time I Die

Being a new band, Tar doesn’t have the best production, but they have what should be the bare minimum in 2020. Things can be flat at times and sound a little separated, but still very listenable. The best sounding parts that really make the production shine are during clean vocal sections and just light instrumentals in the background such as in the song ‘Ett sista farval’. 

Tar manages to cover a few bases in this one album. Dirty and clean vocals, death metal riffs and breakdowns to plucked harmonies and strummed melodies. On paper, this is the full package. But the result is just, good. I wouldn’t say it breaks any boundaries or proves to be anything more than an average metal bands debut album. The rather lackluster riffs at times are just enough to hold onto you. However, they do keep things interesting with all these different elements at their disposal. There’s no overused layouts to make any songs predictable. You might get a song with no singing, more heavy riffs, more sing along type stuff; with so much to play with, they have a lot of options and take advantage of that making everything flow nicely. More importantly, keeping things exciting too. When ‘Homo Sapiens’, kicks in as the 10th song on the album to still get my head moving and paying attention, that’s a great sign. 

The lyrical themes contain “a tale told with a bleak view of the human race and presented with an oppressive atmosphere.” Unfortunately though, my least favorite part is the vocals. I’m not a fan of his voice, neither dirty nor clean. His voice comes off too fried and the cleans aren’t as strong as they could be. Someone who does appreciate these styles of vocals though will without a doubt have no problem jamming this album all the time. 

Tar is good. They’ve got a solid vision and effort put into this album. I think upping the production and being a little more creative in terms of writing riffs could go a long way for this band. Other than that, they are a talented young group that simply comes down to the fact that I’m not a huge fan of the vocals. 

Rating: 6/10

Strongest Song: Nothing


Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/se/album/as-if-we-were-never-here/1504707398

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