Testament - Titans of Creation

Band : Testament

Album/EP : Titans of Creation

Genre: Thrash Metal

Label : Nuclear Blast

Location : California

FFO : Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica

As with most music that started in the 80’s and evolved over the years, the production has gotten so much better. The production on this record is some of the best ive heard in years. Its such a well written record that im sad I didn’t pay much more attention to them over the years. The mix is absolutely fantastic. The guitars are tuned just low enough where it still sounds like common thrash. One thing I love about this record, is you can still hear the bass distinctively in some parts. The double bass is so smooth. Chuck’s vocals are definitely the embodiment of Thrash. Im just blown away by this record.

What sticks out to me, is just how fresh this record sounds. You can hear that they have been around for a while. Testament absolutely knows what they are doing. But they also aren’t afraid to experiment. I noticed a couple ambient parts in a song or two. But those parts blend in. Only adding to the overall vibe of the record. 

As I listen to the record, the drums sounded familiar. Of course, I had to do some research. I found out Gene Hoglan is actually the drummer. If you dont know Gene, he has laid drum parts for Dethklok, Death, and Strapping Young Lad. Genes drum style is pretty noticeable. Not sure how to explain it, there’s just something familiar about it.

The song structures are pretty typical with more music. Between a verse/chorus exchange, and a guitar solo or two. Is that bad? nope. Not at all. Especially in this genre, a structure is pretty common. For me, a structure does make it a bit easier to listen to the music. So I definitely appreciate this record a lot more. Since its thrash metal, the record flows nicely. Its got a pretty steady pace that thrash fans are used to. Testament isn’t known for switching up the tempo very often, if even at all. 

“Titans of Creation has many moods and material contained within; all of which somehow tie into a common philosophy of creation and its necessary counterpart: destruction. “Children Of The Next Level” smashes through the gates as the opening track with a flood of sound that prepares the listener for an abundance of violent thrash. Meanwhile, the lyrics rage about the outrageous philosophies of the Heaven’s Gate cult (founded in 1974)”

Ive heard about that cult before. Its fucking insane. The fact a band made a record that loosely discuses them, its outstanding. 

I will definitely be listening to this record more. Its got just about everything I want in a good thrash record. Fast paced double bass, laced with face melting riffs and solos. Lets not forget the vocals. I was raised as a thrash metal kid, so a good record such as Titans of Creation will always be a record I come back to. I have two favorite parts of the record.

First part is the drums. Gene’s double bass is among the smoothest and most consistent in the game. Ive seen videos of the mother fucker playing in combat boots. I for the common drummer, that shit can’t be easy. He’s got a drum tone that reminds me of violent thunder. 

The second part is Chuck’s vocals. His vocals have a lower gravely tone to them. Which is what I like in thrash. But here’s the thing, he’s not really growling, he’s definitely still singing. Though he has that lower tone, in songs like “Children of the next level”, he does achieve a higher pitch singing voice. I just think his vocals are so unique that he needs to be recognized more.

Compared to their last record (Brotherhood of The Snake), next to nothing changed. There is no reason to change a thing. They have their formula, and clearly we can tell that its worked over the years. I guess maybe a couple drum fills changed. But thats going to happen. I do feel like Titans has a slightly slower tempo. Only by like 10-20 BPM, nothing major. 

Overall, im highly impressed. I should have paid attention to these guys more over the years. Titans of Creation is the 13th Studio Album by thrash legends Testament. Its packed full of the thrash that old school fans know, and has plenty of thing that new fans will love. Face melting riffs. Thunderous Drum beats. Gravely vocals. Whats there not to like?

Star Rating: 10/10

Strongest Song: Dream Deciever